PRS Guitar Catalog 2018

2018. A year when we witnessed countless events across the globe, but for the guitar aficionado, a major highlight was the release of the PRS 2018 guitar catalog. We’ve all experienced that sensation: the weight of a fresh catalog in our hands, the smell of the crisp pages, and the sight of glossy pictures showcasing some of the most tantalizing instruments available.

It’s not just about specs or lists; it’s a feeling, a vibe, a sense of wonderment at what the world of Paul Reed Smith had to offer that year. Let’s stroll down this memory lane, shall we?

PRS Guitar Catalog 2018

The Catalog Itself: A Feast for the Senses

Before delving deep into the specifics of the guitars, let’s just revel in the sheer artistry of the catalog itself. The 2018 edition wasn’t simply a series of pictures and specifications. No, it was an immersive journey. The design was sleek, modern yet maintaining a touch of nostalgia. PRS has always been known for its meticulous attention to detail, and this catalog was no exception. From the choice of paper, ensuring it had both the feel of quality and sustainability, to the layout that invited the reader to immerse themselves, every aspect was carefully thought out.

A Dip into the PRS Legacy

For those unfamiliar, the PRS journey began in the mid-70s when Paul Reed Smith started crafting guitars in his college workshop. This legacy is pivotal because the catalog doesn’t just abruptly jump into 2018. It takes the reader on a trip down memory lane, giving them a brief history, setting the stage, and creating a context for the marvels about to unfold.

Core Models: The Flagbearers

It’s akin to a heart beating in the vast body of PRS offerings. The core models are what PRS has built its reputation on. The 2018 catalog presented them with the respect and admiration they deserve. The layout was designed to let the beauty of these models shine – the Custom 24, the McCarty, the Hollowbody. Each guitar was accompanied by a short narrative, offering insights into its legacy and the nuances that have evolved over the years.

SE Lineup: Global Ambassadors

The SE series has a special place in the PRS universe. Designed to bring PRS quality into a more affordable range, the SEs have become beloved worldwide. The catalog did justice to this range, presenting them not as just “budget options”, but as genuine instruments of choice for a myriad of players globally.

S2 Series: The Sweet Spot

Mid-tier instruments often get overshadowed, but PRS’s S2 series is too impressive to ignore. And the 2018 catalog rightly gave these models their own pedestal. The series bridges the world of the core models and the SEs, and through rich imagery and compelling narratives, the catalog illustrated why these models were the darling of so many.

Private Stock: The Crown Jewels

Ah, the apex of personalization. The Private Stock section of the catalog was akin to a high-end boutique showcase. The customization options, the exquisite tonewoods, the hand-crafted finishes; it was all there. This section gave the reader a behind-the-scenes glimpse, almost as if they were being personally invited into the PRS workshop.

Amplification: Tone Titans

PRS isn’t just about guitars. The amplification section highlighted their prowess in crafting some of the finest amps around. From versatile combos to powerhouse heads and cabinets, the offerings were vast, and the catalog made sure every potential buyer understood the breadth and depth of PRS’s tonal artillery.

The Community: Behind the Strings

A delightful addition to the 2018 catalog was the community section. It wasn’t just about the instruments but the people who play them. Stories of legendary artists, budding musicians, and even casual players were sprinkled throughout. This section reinforced the idea that PRS isn’t just a brand; it’s a family.

Sneak Peeks and What Lies Ahead

As the pages neared their end, they hinted at the future. A few prototypes, some glimpses into the R&D processes, and teasers about what might be coming next. It was a wonderful way to ensure the readers were left waiting, with bated breath, for what PRS had in store for the coming years.


The 2018 PRS guitar catalog was more than a product list. It was a statement. A declaration of the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and community. Leafing through it, one could sense the passion, the history, and the vision of PRS. It wasn’t just a reference document; it was an experience, a journey, and a testament to the magic of Paul Reed Smith.

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