Jackson Catalog 2009

The Jackson catalog for 2008-2009 presented an exciting period for electric guitar enthusiasts, showcasing a range of models that catered to both the aesthetic and technical demands of modern players, especially those with a penchant for the heavier genres of music.

Within the pages of this catalog, Jackson featured their prominent lines, including the celebrated Rhoads, Soloist, and King V series, each offering a variety of specifications to suit the tastes of metal and hard rock guitarists. The designs continued to push the boundaries with their aggressive contours and sharp angles, a hallmark of the Jackson brand.

Special editions and artist signature models were also a significant draw, displaying custom graphics, unique inlays, and modifications specified by the artists themselves, tailoring instruments to the idiosyncrasies of their playing styles and on-stage requirements.

Jackson Catalog 2008-2009 PDF

Jackson Price List 2009

Thank you for exploring the rich array of instruments within the Jackson 2008-2009 catalog, a testament to the brand’s ongoing influence in the realm of high-octane guitar music.