Ibanez Catalog 1989

Dive into the Ibanez 1989 catalog: a celebration of guitar craftsmanship that defined an era. In this catalog, you’ll find a series of instruments that have since become iconic. The 1989 catalogue included the Artist series, revered for its classic design and rich tone, which by then had already become a staple in the Ibanez lineup.

You’ll find below 2 Ibanez guitar catalogs and the electric equipment catalog of 1989. Enjoy examining the detailed craftsmanship and innovation that has cemented Ibanez’s legacy in the music world as you browse through these brochure.

Ibanez 1989 Acoustic Guitar Catalog

Ibanez 1989 Catalog Vintage Limited Production

Ibanez 1989 Soundtank Catalog

Thank you for watching and taking a step back in time with us to appreciate Ibanez instruments 1989 that have shaped music across generations.