Gibson Catalog 1967

The Gibson catalog 1967 is a fascinating retrospective for guitar enthusiasts, capturing a time when rock ‘n’ roll was flourishing and Gibson guitars were at the forefront of this musical revolution. Within its pages, you’d find a wide array of Gibson’s finest, including the legendary Les Paul models with their powerful humbucking pickups and solid mahogany bodies, perfect for the era’s new, heavier music styles.

This catalog also highlighted the versatility of the Gibson range, with the ES series providing jazz and blues players with that sweet, resonant semi-hollow sound, and the SG models offering a lighter alternative with double-cutaway bodies for easy access to the higher frets. It detailed the various customizations available, from different pickups to tailpieces, and various finish options, allowing musicians to find their perfect aesthetic and sound.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1967

We truly appreciate your interest in exploring the Gibson Catalog 1967 with us. Whether you’re a player in search of that vintage Gibson tone or a collector seeking to own a piece of music history, we hope this catalog serves as a bridge to the golden era of guitar manufacturing. Thank you for joining us on this nostalgic journey.