Gibson Catalog 1963

The Gibson catalog 1963 serves as an exciting historical document for guitar enthusiasts, capturing a pivotal moment in the company’s storied legacy, particularly with the introduction of the now-iconic Gibson Firebird series. This year’s lineup was marked by innovation and a forward-looking design ethos, culminating in the launch of the Firebird, a model that stood apart with its radical body shape and neck-through construction, a rarity at the time.

Featuring detailed descriptions and images, the catalog presents a range of Gibson’s offerings, including solid body electrics, semi-hollow and hollow bodies, acoustics, and even banjos and mandolins. However, the Firebird undoubtedly stands out, available in several iterations, from the budget-friendly I to the fully-equipped V and VII models, all sporting the distinctive ‘reverse’ body design initially created by automotive designer Ray Dietrich.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1963 Firebird

Thank you for your interest in the Gibson Catalog of 1963 and the special Firebird brochure. Whether you’re a player, collector, or simply a fan of classic guitar design, this catalog represents a key chapter in the evolution of electric guitars and is a testament to Gibson’s enduring impact on music and culture.