Gibson Catalog 1942

The Gibson catalog from 1942 presents a fascinating snapshot of the company’s offerings during a significant year in world history, at the height of World War II. This period saw Gibson navigating material shortages and shifting its manufacturing toward supporting the war effort, which also influenced the production of their musical instruments.

In the 1942 catalog, you can find a range of acoustic guitars, including archtops and flat-tops, each bearing the classic Gibson craftsmanship. Models like the J-45, which had just been introduced the previous year as a “workhorse” acoustic guitar, feature prominently. The catalog also includes other stringed instruments popular at the time, such as mandolins and banjos, showcasing Gibson’s diverse range.

You can find below Gibson Catalog and Gibson Price List of 1942.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1942

Gibson Price List 1942

Thank you for exploring the historical pieces of Gibson’s past with us through the 1942 catalog. These instruments represent resilience and innovation in the face of global challenges, marking a significant chapter in Gibson’s storied history.