Gibson Catalog 1917

The Gibson catalog of 1917 was an important source for musicians to peruse Gibson’s offerings during a time of significant change and development in the music world. Here are some elements that characterized the Gibson catalog from that year:

The catalog featured a variety of stringed instruments, such as mandolins, guitars, and mando-cello, reflecting the diverse musical styles of the era.

Given the “mandolin orchestra” boom of the early 20th century, the catalog showcased a wide range of mandolins, from the humble bowl-back to the more sophisticated and ornate F-style models.

Gibson’s reputation for quality was evident in the catalog, with details on the construction of their instruments, highlighting the woods used, inlay work, and the company’s attention to detail.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1917 (J)

Thank you for exploring the historical nuances of the Gibson catalog from 1917 with us, a testament to Gibson’s enduring legacy in the world of stringed instruments.