Fender Catalog 2016

Fender, the venerable maestro in the symphony of music, has been synonymous with pioneering musical evolution and sublime quality, paving the pathways of musical exploration for artists globally. The 2016 catalogs are a visual concerto, harmoniously echoing Fender’s everlasting dedication to the fusion of timeless craftsmanship and avant-garde innovation. This musical anthology accentuates Fender’s continual quest to amplify the musical spectrum for every aficionado, novice or veteran.

Fender 2016 American Elite Series Catalog

The American Elite Series Catalog is another remarkable feature of the 2016 catalogs, showcasing Fender’s premium range of instruments, symbolizing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, performance, and tone.

This series is the embodiment of Fender’s commitment to provide musicians with instruments that offer superior playability, a myriad of tonal options, and aesthetically pleasing designs, enabling artists to elevate their musical expression to elite levels.

Catalog 2016 Fender Custom Shop Design Guide

The 2016 catalogs proudly introduce the Custom Shop Design Guide, a distinctive feature enabling artists to immerse themselves in the world of meticulous customization, aiding them in sculpting their unique musical masterpiece. This guide is Fender’s homage to allowing musicians the freedom to meticulously tailor their instruments, reflecting their individual musical essence and aesthetic preferences, thus fostering a more personalized and expressive musical journey.

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