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Guitar Insite was created to help guitarists find more information about their guitars; date and place of production, specifications, and other details.

We are also trying to guide you in picking your next guitar; which instrument to choose, how to find out whether it is real or fake, what things to look for before purchasing, and much more.

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At Guitarinsite you will find information not only about iconic guitars and their serial numbers, but also about the factories where they are produced, and the famous luthiers who created these great instruments.

You can also take a look at our collection of guitar catalogs, where you can find a lot of valuable information about your guitar, and just have a good time enjoying the masterpieces of guitar craftsmanship.

But our site is not only for guitarists. On our blog, you will find many useful posts for all musicians. For example, how to make money as a musician, along with reviews of famous musicians who have achieved financial success.

Let’s enjoy music together!

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It’s often believed that a musician’s life is a constant struggle between passion and penury. Yes, the music industry can be harsh, competitive, and sometimes downright unfair, but it also holds immense potential for financial success for those who know how to navigate it.