Taylor Guitars Catalog 2014

The world was different, with the music industry in full swing, and guitar enthusiasts, like ever, eager for the next innovation, the next big sound. The doorbell rang one crisp morning and there it was – the thick envelope with the unmistakable logo: Taylor Guitars. This wasn’t just any regular catalog.

The 2014 Taylor Guitars Catalog was a snapshot of the year’s musical zeitgeist, a reflection of the company’s undying commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

Taylor Guitars Price List 2014

The Essence of 2014 in Pages

A leaf through the first few pages, and one could instantly gauge the mood of 2014. Taylor had always strived to capture the essence of the times, and this catalog was a testimony to that endeavor. Amidst the glossy photos of gleaming guitars, there was a subtle nod to the evolving musical landscape, the shifting tastes of musicians, and the perennial quest for the perfect sound.

The Year’s Standout Models

The array of guitars was nothing short of staggering. There were the familiar faces: the trusty 200 series, known for its dependable sound and affordable price range; the 600 series that had seen a reimagining the previous year, and now in 2014 was being presented as the ideal blend of form and function; and of course, the higher-end models like the 800s and 900s, the dream of every professional musician and collector.

However, what made the 2014 catalog special was its spotlight on some newer, innovative models. Taylor’s push for sustainability had begun to be more evident in their choice of woods and the 2014 models showcased some of these novel choices.

Into the Woods

Taylor’s commitment to sustainability was growing year on year, and the 2014 catalog bore evidence to that. There was a clear move towards using more sustainable wood varieties without compromising on the tonal quality. Mention of woods like Sapele and the continued usage of the rich-grained Ovangkol was not only about the diversity of sound but also the brand’s nod towards eco-responsibility.

The Price is Right?

The heart of the catalog for many, undoubtedly, was the Taylor Guitars Price List of 2014. It wasn’t merely a list. It was an education. Each model was detailed with its features, its unique selling points, and of course, its price. The meticulous breakdown allowed even a novice to understand the difference between models and the justification for the price points.

One could discern why, for instance, a model from the 300 series was priced the way it was, compared to something from the 500 series. The choice of wood, the electronics used, the craftsmanship involved – everything played a role in the pricing, and the catalog left no stone unturned in elucidating those differences.

The Personal Touch

Taylor Guitars had always prided itself on the bespoke experience, and this year’s catalog went a step further in highlighting the custom guitar experience. If you had a dream guitar in mind, Taylor was ready to bring it to life. Want a different tonewood? A unique inlay pattern, perhaps? Taylor’s customization options seemed endless, and the 2014 catalog was your guidebook to crafting your personalized musical masterpiece.

But beyond the specs, models, and prices, the catalog had another story to tell.

A Journey Through Craftsmanship

Interspersed between the pages were glimpses into the Taylor workshop: artisans painstakingly inlaying a fretboard, engineers calibrating the latest version of Taylor’s proprietary Expression System, luthiers bending wood into the iconic Taylor shape. These images silently conveyed the dedication and passion that went into creating every single Taylor guitar.

Events and Engagements

2014 wasn’t just about guitars in isolation. The catalog hinted at Taylor’s larger involvement with the musical community. Roadshows, events where enthusiasts could try out the latest models, exchange notes with fellow musicians, and even interact with members of the Taylor team, were listed. It was clear – Taylor was more than a brand; it was a community.

Finishing the last page of the catalog felt like concluding a rich novel. It wasn’t just a purchase guide; it was a musical journey, a peek into Taylor’s commitment to its craft, and an invitation to be part of a beautiful legacy. The 2014 Taylor Guitars Catalog managed to do what few other catalogs could – it spoke to the heart of every guitar enthusiast, from the casual strummer to the professional musician.

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