PRS Guitar Catalog 2016

If you were to transport yourself back to 2016 and stroll into a music store, chances are you’d spot a guitar enthusiast meticulously flipping through the glossy pages of a particular catalog – the PRS 2016 edition. It wasn’t just another product list. It was a tale, a visual odyssey of what Paul Reed Smith Guitars stood for that year.

For a moment, forget what you know about PRS. Forget the signature birds on the fretboard, the dazzling sunburst finishes, and even the legendary artists wielding them. Let’s step into a world where each page transports you, allowing you to feel the wood grain beneath your fingers, to hear the soulful strum of a chord, and to witness the blend of craft and artistry.

PRS Guitar Catalog 2016

The Evolution of PRS’s Legacy

Paul Reed Smith Guitars has had quite the journey, one that spans decades and is filled with milestones. The 2016 catalog serves as an incredible reminder of that legacy. It’s not just a reflection of where PRS had been; it’s a hint of where they’re headed. The pages delved into the archives, giving readers an insight into the progression, the lessons learned, and the innovations incorporated over the years.

Not Just Guitars: It’s Storytelling

One of the striking features of the 2016 catalog is the storytelling. Sure, at its core, it’s about guitars. But delve a little deeper, and it’s evident that each guitar tells a story. Whether it’s the inspiration behind a specific model, the artisans who bring it to life, or the musicians who’ve marked milestones with it, the catalog interweaves these narratives seamlessly.

Core Models: Celebrating Craftsmanship

If PRS is a kingdom, the core models are the crown jewels. And the 2016 catalog paid homage to them in all their splendor. Every model was laid out with a mix of stunning photography and narratives. This wasn’t just a dive into specs; it was about understanding the heart and soul behind each guitar.

SE Series: Quality Meets Affordability

PRS’s SE series has always been an interesting blend of quality at an approachable price point. The 2016 catalog showcased this range not as budget guitars but as instruments with their own identity. With insights into its global manufacturing processes, artist testimonials, and the varied genres they cater to, the SE series was given a pedestal of its own.

The Middle Ground: The S2 Series

Often in a lineup, there’s a series that bridges worlds. In the PRS family, it’s the S2 series. The catalog highlighted the finesse of these models, marrying the artisanal craftsmanship of the core models with a price point that doesn’t pinch the wallet too hard. Every detail, from wood selection to finishing processes, was laid out, driving home the value proposition of the S2 series.

Beyond Guitars: The Amplifier Range

By 2016, PRS wasn’t just a guitar company. Their range of amplifiers was steadily carving a niche of its own. The catalog dedicated a significant chunk to these unsung heroes. Detailed specifications, design philosophies, and the stories behind each model were presented, proving that PRS’s commitment to quality wasn’t restricted to just guitars.

The Elite Club: Private Stock

If ever there was a section in the catalog that made readers pause, perhaps even drool a little, it was the segment on PRS’s Private Stock. These aren’t just guitars; they’re masterpieces. The 2016 catalog delved deep into the bespoke nature of these instruments – the selection of rare woods, the hand-crafted inlays, the custom finishes, and the sheer artistry that goes into each piece. Reading about them felt akin to visiting a high-end art gallery, each guitar a canvas of musical expression.

The PRS Family: Community and Collaboration

What truly set the 2016 catalog apart was its emphasis on community. PRS isn’t just a brand; it’s a family. And this section of the catalog celebrated that. Testimonials from both renowned artists and everyday guitarists peppered these pages, coupled with stories of memorable gigs, studio sessions, and even impromptu jamming sessions. It drove home the point that every PRS guitar, regardless of its price point, is a story waiting to be told, a song waiting to be played.


As the pages of the 2016 catalog come to an end, one can’t help but feel a sense of admiration. It wasn’t just about selling guitars; it was about sharing a passion, a dream, and most importantly, a legacy. In a way, this catalog wasn’t just a reflection of PRS in 2016; it was a snapshot of everyone who’s ever picked up a PRS guitar and felt their heart skip a beat. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and above all, music.

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