MIRC (Musical Instrument Reclamation Corporation) is an American company that has been renovating used guitars since 1993.
The used guitars are offered to MIRC by reputable dealers.
MIRC also repairs guitars from manufacturers that do not meet the set quality requirements.
Major brands where MIRC has partnership agreement include Fender/Squier, Gibson/Epiphone, Ibanez, ESP, Guild and Gretsch.

In most cases the MIRC guitars are stamped with "USED", depending on whether the
manufacturer has approved this. The stamp "USED" can be seen as a quality sign that the
guitar has been refurbished and adjusted by MIRC.

Another feature is that the guitars are provided with a gold colored or white sticker consisting of 9 numbers starting with 311.

This is not a serial number but an inventory number of MIRC. No production dates can be derived from these digits.

If you are lucky, the original serial number will be below this sticker, but usually this number has been partially or completely made illegible by MIRC.
The reason for making the serial number illegible, according to MIRC, is to protect the interests of the manufacturer
and to prevent the submission of incorrect warranty claims.

A bad argument from MIRC to remove a serial number from this point of view.
In the guitar shop the serial numbers of (non MIRC) used guitars are not removed or made illegible.
The serial number is important during registration and in case of loss or theft of the instrument.
In addition, information about the year of manufacture and location is lost, which can be inferred from the serial number.