Martin Guitar Catalog 2015

Some guitar brands become synonymous with quality and history, and when you mention Martin Guitars, you’re touching on both. Even in an age dominated by technology and an ever-growing digitized music scene, the acoustic guitar holds its ground, representing the core, the heart, the origins of many music genres.

By 2015, Martin had already solidified its place in the annals of music history. With every strum, every chord, every model they unveiled, they were not just manufacturing guitars; they were curating stories. The 2015 Martin Guitar Catalog was a celebration of this legacy intertwined with anticipation for the future.

Martin 2015 Guitar Catalog

Flipping Back the Pages of Time

The 2015 catalog wasn’t just a showcase of the year’s offerings. It was an encapsulation of a legacy. Opening its pages felt like walking into a history class, albeit one that was filled with wood, strings, and the rich aroma of varnish. The early sections provided a captivating glance back at Martin’s timeline, right from its humble beginnings in 1833. You’d be whisked away to the days when C.F. Martin Sr. was laying the foundation of what would become a guitar-making empire.

Crafting Legends: The Standard Series

The Martin Standard Series has been the company’s bread and butter for a long time, and by 2015, they had mastered it. This section of the catalog was filled with the familiar shapes and sounds that guitarists had come to love over the years. The iconic D-28, with its herringbone inlay and rich, booming sound; the 000 models with their articulate tonal clarity, ideal for fingerstyle players; and the vintage-inspired D-18, reminding everyone of the golden age of acoustic guitars.

Each model was presented with lush photography, showcasing the meticulous detailing, the grain of the woods, and the craftsmanship that went into each piece. This wasn’t just a product catalog; it was a glossy magazine tribute to artistry.

Going Retro: The Vintage Series

As the pages turned, you’d land on a section that seemed to be straight out of the past. The Vintage Series took the center stage. Inspired by pre-war Martin models, these guitars were about recapturing the magic of old while integrating modern build techniques. They represented a bridge between the past and the present. Details about the aged toners, period-correct bracing, and old-school inlays provided readers with a sense of the meticulous research and passion that went into recreating these classics.

The Cutting Edge: Performing Artist Series

Then came the melding of tradition with modernity. The Performing Artist Series, as the name suggests, was designed for the stage. These guitars acknowledged the needs of contemporary players who demanded versatility. Equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, these models ensured that whether you’re strumming at home or performing in front of thousands, the Martin tone would shine through. This section was an ode to innovation, proving that Martin was not stuck in the past but was actively shaping the future of acoustic guitars.

The Sustainable Path

Martin has always been conscious about its impact on the environment. The catalog highlighted their commitment to sustainability. It shed light on their use of alternative tonewoods, their efforts in reforestation, and their collaboration with environmental organizations. This wasn’t just a nod to eco-conscious consumers; it was a statement of Martin’s responsibility and vision for a greener future.

Custom Shop and Limited Editions

Every guitarist dreams of that unique instrument, something that resonates with their soul. The Custom Shop section was a peek into that dream. From unique tonewoods to intricate inlays and custom body sizes, this was a world of endless possibilities. This section was peppered with stories of custom guitars built for renowned artists, showing off the breadth of what the Martin team could achieve.

Meanwhile, the Limited Editions stirred up excitement. These were not just instruments; they were collectibles. Built in limited numbers, each of these guitars had a story, a theme, an inspiration. They were the result of Martin’s luthiers letting their imagination run wild.


In essence, the 2015 Martin Guitar Catalog was more than a product list. It was a journey, a tale, an experience. It showcased a company that honored its roots while branching out into the future. It was a testament to the love, labor, and lore that goes into each Martin guitar. Whether you’re a seasoned musician, an enthusiastic amateur, or someone who just appreciates the finer things in life, this catalog was an invitation to be part of the Martin family.

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