Martin Guitar Catalog 1996

Ah, the ’90s. Grunge was at its peak, the internet was still a fledgling phenomenon, flannel shirts and baggy jeans were the dress code, and in many a music lover’s room, the poster of Kurt Cobain or Alanis Morissette was as ubiquitous as the beloved guitar propped up in a corner. It was a time of musical exploration, where the lines between genres blurred, giving birth to new sounds and movements.

And if you played the guitar or aspired to, there was one catalog you’d be on the lookout for, the one that might as well have been considered the “Bible” of the guitar world – the Martin Guitar Catalog. The 1996 edition, in particular, was like a snapshot of that era, rich with details, history, and of course, the allure of those finely crafted Martin guitars.

Martin 1996 Guitar Catalog

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