Jackson Catalog 2012

2012. For Jackson Guitars, this was a year to remember. Positioned at the nexus of tradition and modernity, Jackson’s 2012 lineup was a testament to the brand’s continued evolution, its commitment to guitarists worldwide, and its unwavering focus on performance and style.

Let’s embark on this retrospective journey and explore the symphony of metal craftsmanship that was the 2012 Jackson catalogs.

1. Jackson 2012 Catalog

Steadfast Stalwarts: Jackson’s Core Series

JS Series: First Steps into Jackson’s World

Designed for those taking their initial plunge into the Jackson universe, the JS Series combined affordability with quality, ensuring a memorable first experience.

  • JS22R Dinky: The popular Dinky design was accessible to many, and with the inclusion of a Floyd Rose tremolo, the JS22R became an instant favorite among beginners and intermediates.
  • JS32T Warrior: Its distinctive angular shape, combined with high-output ceramic-magnet pickups, made this a staple for those wanting a blend of aesthetics and aggressive tones.

X Series: The Mid-Tier Majesty

Serving as the bridge between affordability and professional-grade features, the X Series was an enticing proposition for many.

  • Kelly KEX: With its striking shape and compound radius fingerboard, the KEX became synonymous with comfort and cutting-edge tone.
  • Soloist SLXT: Famed for its contoured body and through-neck construction, it was a versatile beast, ready for the demands of modern metal and rock.

Pro Series: Elite, Yet Accessible

For those who demanded more without going all out on a custom model, the Pro Series was the ticket.

  • King V KV5FR: This model, with its iconic shape and Floyd Rose tremolo, was primed for lead guitarists looking to make a statement.
  • Randy Rhoads RR5: Paying homage to the great Randy Rhoads, this model, with its gold hardware and Seymour Duncan pickups, was elegance personified.

USA Select Series: Craftsmanship Personified

When only the best would suffice, Jackson’s USA Select Series represented the pinnacle of guitar-making expertise.

  • Soloist SL2H: Representing the brand’s flagship series, the SL2H, with its mahogany body and ebony fingerboard, was a sonic masterpiece.
  • Randy Rhoads RR1T: A tribute to the master, this iteration had no tremolo, giving purists the sustained resonance they craved.

2. Jackson 2012 Summer Catalog

Signature Collaborations: When Legends Partner with Jackson

2012 saw Jackson’s bond with iconic guitarists deepen, leading to models that perfectly embodied the artists’ essences.

  • Dave Davidson Warrior WR7: The Revocation frontman’s 7-string weapon, featuring DiMarzio pickups and a unique Natural Mahogany finish, showcased how traditional design could be revamped for modern metal.
  • Chris Broderick Soloist 6 and 7: The Megadeth lead guitarist’s demands for precision and versatility culminated in these models, equipped with custom DiMarzio pickups and unique switching systems.

2012’s Noteworthy Debuts and Highlights

Monarkh SC Series

2012 was special, as Jackson took a deep dive into single-cutaway territory with the Monarkh SC Series. A departure from its usual design philosophy, these guitars featured set-neck construction, providing enhanced sustain and a different tonal flavor.

Rhoads RRX24

Paying tribute to Randy’s legacy while catering to modern metal players, the RRX24 came with a 24-fret fingerboard, ensuring that shredders had two full octaves at their disposal.

Bass Domain: David Ellefson Signature Models

Recognizing the need for low-end behemoths, Jackson and Megadeth’s David Ellefson joined forces to unveil the CB-X and CB-XV. These 4 and 5-string masterpieces, respectively, came equipped with EMG pickups, ensuring thunderous tones that perfectly complemented any metal mix.

Speed, Shred, and Sustain: Soloist SL3MG

This model, with its neck-through-body construction, Floyd Rose tremolo, and EMG 81/85 pickup combo, was a favorite for those looking for seamless playability and tonal diversity.

Wrap Up

Reflecting on the 2012 Jackson lineup, it’s evident that the brand was on a mission—to uphold its legacy while embracing the demands of contemporary players. From signature models that captured the essence of guitar legends to series that catered to every skill level and price point, Jackson proved why it’s revered in the guitar community. The 2012 catalog was more than just a product list; it was a testament to Jackson’s dedication to pushing sonic boundaries. Through its impeccable designs and unwavering commitment to quality, Jackson in 2012, as always, wasn’t just making guitars; it was crafting legends.

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