Jackson Catalog 2010

As we edged closer to the start of a new decade, Jackson Guitars did what they do best: they upped their game. The 2010 lineup was not just a continuation of what they had been crafting throughout the years but also a nod towards the future, where the fusion of iconic designs with modern demands became more evident.

Let’s delve deep into the crescendo of craftsmanship that Jackson brought forth in 2010.

Jackson 2010 Catalog

Tried and True: Jackson’s Evergreen Series

JS Series: The Entry Level Majesty

2010’s JS series remained true to its aim: to give new players a taste of the authentic Jackson feel without a hefty price tag.

  • JS32T Kelly: This model was a symbol of Jackson’s flair for designs that stood out, with its sharp contours and an arsenal of tones ideal for budding metalheads.
  • JS35RR Rhoads: With a V shape, reminiscent of the legendary Randy Rhoads, this was for those wanting a slice of history on a budget.

X Series: The Perfect Balance

The X Series was a testament to the fact that you didn’t need to break the bank for a quality guitar.

  • Adrian Smith SDX: Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith brought his touch to the X Series. The SDX, with its basswood body and bolt-on neck, was perfect for galloping riffs and soaring solos alike.
  • King V KVX10: A metal monolith, it came equipped with a Floyd Rose Special tremolo and Duncan Designed pickups, ensuring players got premium features without the premium price tag.

Pro Series: Built for the Pros, Loved by All

A workhorse for the touring musician, the Pro Series showcased what Jackson was all about: performance, style, and reliability.

  • Dinky DK1: A classic that just got better with time. The alder body, combined with an ebony fretboard and Seymour Duncan pickups, made this a versatile beast on stage and in the studio.
  • Soloist SL2H: This guitar was a dream for shredders. With a neck-thru body design, a Floyd Rose Original tremolo, and a pair of humbuckers, it was a sonic powerhouse.

USA Select Series: Jackson’s Crème De La Crème

When compromise wasn’t an option, the USA Select Series was the go-to. This was Jackson’s craftsmanship at its peak.

  • Randy Rhoads RR1: A tribute to the late, great Randy Rhoads. With its iconic V shape and an arsenal of tones from the Seymour Duncan pickups, it was a masterpiece in every sense.
  • SLS3 Soloist: A slightly different beast with its sleeker body, this model, armed with Seymour Duncan pickups and a Floyd Rose, was made for those seeking both style and substance.

Celebrity Touch: Signature Models

The 2010 lineup was peppered with the magic of legends who trusted Jackson with their sound.

  • Scott Ian T-1000 Soloist: Anthrax’s rhythm machine, Scott Ian, collaborated to produce this beast. With its unique shape, rosewood fretboard, and signature Seymour Duncan pickups, it was a rhythm player’s delight.
  • Phil Demmel Demmelition King V: The Machine Head guitarist’s signature axe was an embodiment of aggression, featuring EMG pickups and the iconic King V shape, but with a twist in the body contours.

Breaking the Mould: 2010’s Notable Introductions

RR5FR Rhoads

Taking the already beloved RR5 a notch higher, Jackson introduced the RR5FR, featuring the Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 Double-Locking Tremolo. A game-changer for those who loved to dive-bomb and whammy without losing tuning stability.

SLAT3-7 Soloist

Jackson acknowledged the rising demand for extended range guitars. The SLAT3-7, with its 7-string configuration, mahogany body, and EMG 707 pickups, was a gift to those exploring the sonic depths of the guitar spectrum.

The Bass Frontier: JS3 Kelly Bird IV

Jackson wasn’t just about six strings. 2010 saw the introduction of the JS3 Kelly Bird IV, an embodiment of Jackson’s iconic design in the bass domain. With a basswood body, a pair of high-output Jackson pickups, and an Active Bass Boost circuit, this was a low-end powerhouse.

Wrap Up

2010 was more than just another year for Jackson; it was a statement. It was about refining classics, embracing the future, and continuing their dialogue with artists and fans alike. As players explored new genres and sonic territories, Jackson was right there with them, ensuring they had the best tools for the job. The 2010 catalog was a perfect reflection of Jackson’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and, above all, the guitar community. The convergence of past glories with future visions never sounded (or looked) so good.

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