Jackson Catalog 1994

The Jackson 1994-1995 catalog showcased a range of electric guitars that had carved out a formidable reputation in the rock and metal scenes. Notable models such as the Soloist and the Rhoads were highlights. The Soloist was famed for its neck-through construction and smooth playability, making it ideal for fast playing. The Rhoads models, with their distinctive shape and powerful sound, continued to pay homage to the legendary guitarist they were named after.

The price list for 1994 provided a detailed breakdown of options and MSRPs (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), offering potential buyers a clear guide to the investment required for each model.

Enjoy browsing through the catalog and the price list, as they offer a glimpse into the mid-90s era of guitar craftsmanship and design.

Jackson Catalog PDF 1994-1995

Jackson Price List 1994

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