Jackson Catalog 1989

The 1989 Jackson Charvel catalog was all about showcasing a lineup that was as versatile as it was powerful. It featured guitars that catered to every kind of player, from the metal enthusiast to the blues guitarist. The catalog included the Soloist, with its through-body neck design for sustained notes, and the Model series, offering a variety of pickup configurations for different tonal demands. For those who loved a bit of flash and function, the catalog also presented the flamboyant King V models, which became synonymous with the 80s metal scene. These guitars weren’t just about looks; they packed a punch with their sound.

Enjoy browsing through Jackson 1989 catalog and seeing the variety of guitars offered in that year.

Jackson Catalog 1989 Charvel

Jackson Catalog 1989 Japan

We’re glad you took the time to revisit this classic catalog. Hopefully, it sparked some nostalgia or provided a glimpse into the era’s electric guitar innovation.