Jackson Catalog 1985

The 1985 Jackson Charvel catalog is a classic snapshot of the mid-80s guitar scene, featuring some of the most iconic electric guitars of the decade. This was a time when Jackson Charvel was at the forefront of guitar innovation, offering models that would go on to become legends in their own right.

The catalog boasted the sleek and fast-playing Soloist, a favorite among shredders for its through-neck construction and precise electronics. The Rhoads models were also a highlight, offering a radical new shape that matched the daring sounds of the era’s heavy metal music. Not just focusing on the high-performance market, the 1985 catalog also included a range of more traditional designs with the Charvel branding.

Settle in and prepare to delight in the pages of the 1985 Jackson Charvel catalog. Take a closer look at the array of iconic guitars that defined a decade of music.

Jackson Catalog 1985 Charvel

Thank you for taking the time to look through the 1985 Jackson Charvel catalog. We hope it brought back some memories or introduced you to the era when these iconic models first made waves in the music world.