Ibanez Catalog 2007

The Ibanez 2007 catalog featured an impressive lineup of instruments, including the ever-popular RG series, known for its fast necks and versatile pickups, perfect for the shredding enthusiast. The S series, with its sleek body design, continued to offer unmatched comfort and playability. The introduction of the SA series provided players with a more traditional vibe without sacrificing the distinctive Ibanez edge. For bassists, the SR series brought ergonomic bodies and a wide range of tones, while the BTB series offered extended range models for the adventurous player. Acoustic and classical guitarists were also well-catered for with the AEG and the classical GA series, designed for clear sound and comfortable playability.

Enjoy watching the evolution of Ibanez’s craftsmanship in the 2007 catalog, a year that solidified their position as a leading guitar manufacturer.

Ibanez Catalog 2007 USA

Ibanez Catalog 2007 Europe

Ibanez 2007 Acoustic USA Catalog

Ibanez 2007 Acoustic EU Catalog

Ibanez Catalog 2007 Signature Artcore

Thank you for watching and exploring the rich heritage of Ibanez as showcased in the 2007 catalog.