Ibanez Catalog 1997

Dive into the Ibanez 1997 catalog: a showcase of that year’s exceptional lineup. This catalog presented the acclaimed RG series, known for its sharp contours and versatile sound, and the S series, with its sleek, lightweight body and smooth playability. The JEM series, with its distinctive “monkey grip” cutout, continued to make waves among players seeking Steve Vai’s signature sound. For the bassists, the SR series offered sleek designs and active electronics, catering to a wide range of styles with comfort and precision. Acoustic players weren’t left behind, with the introduction of the AEG series, offering amplified acoustic sound with a slender, electric-like neck profile.

You’ll find below 4 electric and acoustic guitar catalogs of 1997. Enjoy examining the craftsmanship and detailed designs of Ibanez instruments.

Ibanez Catalog 1997 USA

Ibanez Catalog 1997 Europe

Ibanez 1997 UK Catalog

Ibanez 1997 Acoustic USA Catalog

Thank you for watching and exploring the classic era of Ibanez’s 1997 catalogues with us.