Ibanez Catalog 1990

The Ibanez 1990 catalog features classic guitar series like the RG, designed for precision and speed, and the JEM series, known for its unique Monkey Grip and vibrant finishes. The Roadstar series is also highlighted for its vintage appeal and playability. For bass enthusiasts, the Soundgear series offers sleek designs and versatile electronics. The catalog also introduces the Performance series, crafted for quality and affordability, alongside the Artwood series, which presents a range of acoustic guitars with rich, warm tones.

You’ll find below 3 electric and acoustic guitar catalogs and 3 Ibanez electric equipment catalogs of 1990. Enjoy examining the innovative designs and detailed specifications that have made these series enduring favorites among musicians.

Ibanez Catalog 1990 Europe

Ibanez 1990 Catalog USA Mini

Ibanez 1990 Acoustic Guitar Catalog

Ibanez 1990 Rock & Play Catalog

Ibanez 1990 PUE5 Catalog

Ibanez 1990 Sound Effect Catalog

Thank you for watching and appreciating the legacy of Ibanez as captured in the 1990 catalogues.