How To Play ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles

If you’re here, it probably means you have impeccable taste in music (because, come on, it’s The Beatles) and you’re ready to dive into one of the most iconic songs ever written. “Here Comes The Sun” is not just a song; it’s a feeling, a mood, a sunrise in musical form.

Penned by the incredible George Harrison and part of the “Abbey Road” album, this track is a rite of passage for every guitar player. Let’s embark on this musical journey together, breaking down each part to help you master this classic.

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A Ray of Sunshine in Song Form

Imagine this: It’s 1969. George Harrison, feeling stifled and stressed from the ongoing band disagreements, skips a meeting and heads over to Eric Clapton’s house. There, in the garden, with the first hints of spring in the air, “Here Comes The Sun” was born. It’s a song that embodies relief, joy, and the simple pleasure of a warm day after a long, cold winter. Harrison’s use of alternative tuning and intricate finger-picking patterns make this song a delightful challenge for guitar players. But fret not, with practice, patience, and our comprehensive guide, you’ll be spreading those sunny vibes in no time.

Getting Your Guitar Ready

Before diving into the chords and riffs, it’s essential to get your guitar set up correctly:


“Here Comes The Sun” uses a unique tuning. You’ll need to tune your guitar to DADGBD, which is a type of open D tuning. This gives the song its distinct, resonant sound.


Place a capo on the 7th fret. This will help you play the song in the original key without having to deal with complicated chord shapes.

Diving into the Intro and Verses

Alright, with your guitar set up, let’s delve into the magic:

The Iconic Intro:

The song starts with a beautiful finger-picking pattern that’ll get your fingers dancing across the fretboard. You’ll primarily be using the D, G, and B strings.

  • Begin by playing the open D string followed by the G string on the 9th fret (relative to the capo) and then the open B string.
  • Your next movement involves playing the G string on the 7th fret and then the open B string.

Repeat this pattern, and you’ve nailed the intro!

The Verses:

The verses of “Here Comes The Sun” are a blend of finger-picking and strumming.

  • Start with the D chord. Play the open D string, followed by the G string on the 2nd fret and the open B string.
  • Transition to the G chord. Strum down, emphasizing the bass notes, and then pick the individual strings.

The verse progresses with A7, E7, and other familiar chords, played with a mix of strumming and finger-picking.

Chorus: The Heart of the Song

The chorus of “Here Comes The Sun” is when you can feel the sun breaking through the clouds. The chords used here are relatively straightforward, but the rhythm is the key.

  • Start with the G chord and strum in a down-down-up-down-up pattern.
  • Transition to the D chord, maintaining the same strumming pattern.
  • The A7 and E7 chords also make appearances in the chorus, giving depth and variation to the sound.

The Bridge: Adding Depth

The bridge of “Here Comes The Sun” offers a beautiful contrast to the chorus and verses. It’s a little more mellow and introspective.

  • Begin with the C chord. Like in the chorus, the strumming pattern and rhythm are essential. Focus on a smooth down-down-up-down-up strum.
  • The bridge also introduces the D7 and G6 chords. If you’re unfamiliar with these, don’t worry. They’re just slight variations of the chords you already know, and with a bit of practice, they’ll become second nature.

Perfecting the Song: Practice Tips

“Here Comes The Sun” is undeniably intricate. But with patience and consistent practice, you can master it. Here are some tips:

  1. Section by Section: Instead of trying to play the entire song in one go, focus on mastering each section individually.
  2. Metronome Magic: Playing along with a metronome can help you maintain the song’s rhythm, especially during the finger-picking parts.
  3. Play Along: There are numerous backing tracks available online. Playing along can help you get a feel for the song and improve your timing.

Video: How To Play Here Comes The Sun

“Here Comes The Sun” is more than just notes and chords; it’s an experience. As you play, try to connect with the emotions George Harrison felt as he penned this masterpiece. Remember, every guitarist’s journey is unique. Don’t rush the process; enjoy every strum, every note, every moment of growth. Soon, you’ll not only be playing “Here Comes The Sun,” but you’ll also be feeling its warmth in every note. Happy playing!