How To Play ‘Ella Baila’ – The Ultimate Guide to Grooving Guitar Vibes

Welcome to yet another adventure of plucking, strumming, and, most importantly, grooving. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of “Ella Baila”. Whether you’re familiar with the tune or it’s a new jam for you, by the end of this guide, you’ll be playing it like a pro. So, let’s set the mood, grab your guitar, and get ready to serenade!

Background Check: What’s “Ella Baila” All About?

Before we jump into the technical stuff, it’s always good to know a bit about the song you’re going to play. Knowing the story behind the music can really help in capturing its essence on the strings.

“Ella Baila” captures a rhythmic vibe that’s all about dance, passion, and energy. The guitar part is what gives it the pulse, making the listener sway, tap their foot, or even get up and dance!

The Basics: Getting the Tone Right

Guitar Type

First things first, if you have an acoustic guitar, that’s perfect for this song. An electric guitar can work too, but to capture the raw essence of “Ella Baila”, an acoustic guitar brings out the authentic vibe.


Standard tuning is the way to go. That means (from the thickest to the thinnest string) E, A, D, G, B, and E.

The Rhythm and Strumming

One of the most distinctive features of “Ella Baila” is its rhythm. It’s got a catchy, dance-inducing beat. Listen to the song a few times and tap along. This will help you internalize the rhythm.

Chords and Progressions: The Foundation

The beauty of “Ella Baila” is that it’s not just a complex jumble of chords. With a few basic chords and a smooth transition between them, you can recreate the magic. Here are the primary chords:

  • Am (A minor)
  • E7
  • Dm (D minor)
  • G

Now, here’s a simple chord progression to follow for the verse: Am – E7 – Am – E7

And for the chorus: Dm – E7 – Am – G

Diving Deeper: The Signature Licks

Beyond the chords, to truly master “Ella Baila”, you’ve got to get a hold of those signature guitar licks sprinkled throughout the song. These licks give the song its characteristic flair.

Here’s a basic rundown:

  1. Start with a smooth slide on the top E string.
  2. Follow this with a playful pull-off on the B string.
  3. Finish off with a rhythmic strum of the A minor chord.

Tip: Listen to the song and try to pick out these licks. It might take some time to get them spot on, but once you do, you’ll add that professional touch to your rendition.

Singing and Playing: Double the Fun

If you’re just playing the guitar part, that’s cool. But if you want to sing along, then here are some tips:

  1. Know the Lyrics: Seems obvious, but get super familiar with the words.
  2. Rhythm is Key: The rhythm of “Ella Baila” is its heartbeat. If you can strum and tap your foot to the beat, singing becomes easier.
  3. Practice Separately: Before merging, practice the guitar and vocals separately. Master each element and then bring them together.

Getting That Flamenco Vibe: Fingerpicking Techniques

To really capture the essence of “Ella Baila”, integrating some flamenco techniques can be a game-changer.

Rasgueo (Flamenco Strumming)

This involves a rapid strum with the back of your fingernails. It gives that energetic, rapid-fire sound, characteristic of songs like “Ella Baila”.

Picado (Alternate Fingering)

This is when you alternate between your index and middle fingers for single-note runs. It helps in playing those fast, intricate licks with precision.

Breaking Down the Bridge

Every great song has a bridge that takes the listener on a slight detour before coming back to the familiar chorus. “Ella Baila” is no different.

  1. Chords for the Bridge: The bridge introduces a change in the chord progression to add tension. Typically, you’ll see a progression like: Dm – G – E7 – Am.
  2. Dynamic Shift: The bridge often lowers the dynamic, giving a momentary break from the song’s energy. Play softer here, and build up as you transition back to the chorus.

Practice Routines: Sharpening Your Skills

Consistent and effective practice is the key to mastering “Ella Baila” (or any song for that matter). Here’s a recommended routine:

  1. Warm-Up: Always start with some finger exercises and scales to get your hands moving.
  2. Isolated Practice: Focus on the sections you find challenging. Maybe it’s the flamenco techniques or a particular lick.
  3. Play Along: Put on the original track and play along. This helps in understanding song structure and dynamics.
  4. Metronome Practice: This is crucial! Playing with a metronome ensures you stay in time and helps in mastering the rhythm.

Jamming with Friends: Making Music Social

One of the best ways to enjoy “Ella Baila” is to play it with friends. Gather your musical buddies, and let each person take on a different role. Maybe one handles the rhythm guitar, another the lead licks, and someone else can take on the vocals.

Video: How To Play Ella Baila

Final Tips and Encouragement

  1. Stay Patient: Like any song, “Ella Baila” will have its challenges. You might not get it on day one, and that’s okay!
  2. Record Yourself: Occasionally recording your practice sessions can provide valuable feedback. You’ll catch mistakes and monitor progress.
  3. Make It Your Own: While it’s essential to learn the original, don’t be afraid to add your own flair. Maybe it’s a new lick, a changed rhythm, or even a guitar solo.

Well, there you have it – your ultimate guide to playing “Ella Baila” on the guitar. With passion, practice, and persistence, you’ll not only be playing this groovy jam but feeling every beat and note. So, keep that guitar close, fingers nimble, and most importantly, keep the music alive in your heart. Here’s to many dance-filled, guitar-strumming sessions with “Ella Baila”!