Gibson Catalog 1975

The Gibson catalog of 1975 showcases the iconic guitar maker’s mid-70s offerings, reflecting both tradition and change under the ownership of Norlin Industries. This catalog features a wide variety of Gibson’s instruments, including the perennially popular Les Paul models, the SG series, the ES semi-hollow bodies, as well as their lines of acoustic guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments like banjos and mandolins.

During the 1970s, Gibson explores new territories in guitar design and manufacturing, integrating innovative production techniques and materials. This is the era when Gibson introduces features such as the controversial “Norlin era” construction changes like the multi-piece necks and bodies, along with new pickups and hardware designs aimed at modernizing the instruments.

The 1975 catalog serves not just as a product brochure but as a reflection of the era’s aesthetic, with its distinctive graphic design and photography. It is an essential tool for musicians of the time to learn about the specifications, options, and prices of the guitars they dream of owning.

For enthusiasts and collectors today, the 1975 Gibson catalog provides a fascinating glimpse into a unique chapter of the company’s storied history. It offers a window into the past, to a time of bold experimentation and a quest to balance the old with the new in the world of guitar craftsmanship.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1975

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