Gibson Catalog 1959

The Gibson Catalog from 1959 is an iconic piece of music history, capturing a moment when some of the most legendary guitar models were presented to the public. This catalog included the Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘Burst’ – the 1959 edition is now one of the most sought-after and valuable guitars among collectors and players due to its unique sound, playability, and rarity.

This was also the year that marked the introduction of the ES-335TD, Gibson’s first semi-hollow electric guitar, which offered players a versatile instrument with reduced feedback at high volumes, bridging the gap between hollow bodies and solid electric guitars.

Acoustic models like the J-200, with its lush, full-bodied sound and striking aesthetic, and the small-bodied but sonorous LG-2, featured prominently in the catalog. These instruments embodied the quality and innovation that musicians had come to expect from Gibson.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1959

Thank you for exploring this pivotal year in Gibson’s history with us. Whether you’re a player, collector, or simply a fan of classic guitars, the 1959 Gibson Catalog offers a nostalgic glimpse into a golden era of musical instrument manufacturing.