Gibson Catalog 1903

The 1903 Gibson catalog provided a fascinating glimpse into the company’s early days, a period when Orville Gibson himself was still actively involved with the business. It prominently featured Orville Gibson’s innovative mandolin designs, which were distinctive for their carved, arched tops and backs, marking a significant shift away from the traditional bowl-back construction. These designs established the foundation for modern mandolin construction.

Mandolins were the highlight, but the catalog also included early Gibson guitars, demonstrating their superior build quality and design that foreshadowed future models. The catalog offered detailed descriptions of the craftsmanship involved in each instrument, emphasizing the use of carved solid woods over laminates, and a focus on creating instruments that projected sound more effectively.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1903

Thank you for delving into the early history of Gibson with the 1903 catalog, a time capsule that shows the origins of a brand that would become synonymous with quality stringed instruments.