ESP Catalog 1997

The 1997 ESP catalog featured an array of guitar models and series. Some of the notable guitars included in the catalog were the ESP Eclipse series, which offered a classic single-cut design with various finishes and pickup configurations. The ESP Horizon series featured sleek and modern designs, while the ESP M-Series guitars catered to shredders with their superstrat-style bodies and fast necks. Additionally, the catalog showcased the ESP Viper series with its distinctive double-cut shape, and the ESP LTD series, which provided more affordable options for players.

Enjoy browsing the ESP catalog and exploring the diverse range of guitars it has to offer. Whether you’re into classic or modern designs, there’s something for every guitarist in this extensive collection.

ESP Catalog 1997 PDF

Thank you for taking the time to explore the ESP catalog 1997. We hope you find the perfect guitar that suits your playing style and preferences.