Epiphone Catalog 1950

In 1950, the Epiphone price lists, along with their product adverts and flyers, showcased a company at the forefront of guitar manufacturing, offering a range of instruments that catered to an array of musicians from various genres. The year’s literature highlighted Epiphone’s dedication to quality and sound, mirroring the era’s musical demands.

The price list provided a comprehensive overview of Epiphone’s offerings, from their esteemed archtops to the flat-top acoustics that were growing in popularity among folk musicians. The prices reflected the post-war economy, balancing affordability with the craftsmanship expected from a premium instrument maker.

You can find below 3 Epiphone Price-Lists and some Product Adverts & Flyers of 1950.

Epiphone Price List 1950 Summer

Epiphone Price List 1950 Autumn

Epiphone Price List 1950 Strings

Epiphone’s adverts and flyers from 1950 were eye-catching, often featuring prominent musicians of the time, which not only served as endorsements but also as testaments to the quality of Epiphone instruments. These marketing materials did not merely list the specifications of the guitars; they told a story of the brand’s heritage, the meticulous construction of each instrument, and how they were the perfect companions for the modern musician.

The flyers often included vivid imagery of the guitars, emphasizing their sleek designs and the fine materials used, like exotic woods and intricate inlay work. For many musicians, these instruments were not just tools for making music; they were works of art that reflected their personal style and sophistication.

Epiphone 1950 Product Adverts & Flyers

Thank you for diving into the nostalgic world of Epiphone’s 1950 price lists and product adverts with us. We appreciate your interest in revisiting these classic moments of music history and hope it has given you a greater appreciation for the legacy and craftsmanship of Epiphone instruments.