Epiphone Catalog 1938

In 1938, the Epiphone catalog was a thorough presentation of their instrument lineup, embracing the company’s established tradition of quality and the embrace of innovative design. The catalog featured a rich variety of archtop guitars, which had gained substantial popularity among jazz musicians for their projection and bright, clear tone.

Epiphone’s flat-top guitars were also well-represented, catering to players looking for a deeper, mellower sound, suitable for the evolving styles of blues and folk music. Each model was detailed with information on the woods used, the finishing techniques, and the meticulous craftsmanship that Epiphone was known for.

The mandolin family remained a staple in the catalog as well, reflecting the continued interest in the instrument by both classical and traditional music enthusiasts. These mandolins were crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as the guitars.

Epiphone Catalog 1938

An interesting addition to Epiphone’s promotional material in 1938 was “Hints to Guitarists” by George van Eps. Van Eps was a renowned guitarist known for his innovative playing style and his influence on the development of the guitar as a lead instrument in jazz and popular music. In this publication, van Eps offered insights and advice on technique, expression, and the subtleties of performance, adding educational value to Epiphone’s offerings.

Epiphone 1938 Hints to Guitarists by George van Eps

The product adverts and flyers of 1938 served to highlight key features of select models and were often artistically designed to catch the eye of potential buyers. They emphasized the prestige of the Epiphone brand and the satisfaction that came with owning an Epiphone instrument.

Epiphone 1938 Product Adverts & Flyers

Thank you for exploring this slice of musical history with us, where the convergence of expert craftsmanship and the artistry of playing came together in the pages of Epiphone’s catalogs and educational materials.