Epiphone Catalog 1936

The Epiphone catalog of 1936 was a comprehensive document showcasing the company’s array of instruments. This was a pivotal year for Epiphone as they began to significantly embrace the era’s electrified music trends, evident in their product offerings.

In the catalog, Epiphone highlighted their acoustic guitars, which continued to be renowned for their quality craftsmanship and sound. These guitars, along with a selection of mandolins and other stringed instruments, formed the backbone of Epiphone’s identity in the market. Each product was detailed with descriptions of its features, woods, finishes, and craftsmanship, tailored to attract a wide range of musicians.

Epiphone Catalog 1936

The company had begun to delve into the world of electric instruments, and their Electar line was indicative of this pioneering direction. The Electar series featured among the new entries in the 1936 catalog, showcasing Epiphone’s electric guitars that incorporated magnetic pickups- a relatively new technology at the time. These instruments allowed musicians to amplify their sound, meeting the needs of louder and larger venues. The guitars were designed to offer a familiar feel to acoustic guitarists while providing the benefits of amplification.

Epiphone 1936 Electar

Epiphone’s advertisements and flyers from 1936 focused on the versatility and modernity of their instruments. The promotional materials featured images of these instruments, emphasizing their sleek design and the innovation they brought to the music scene.

Epiphone 1936 Product Adverts & Flyers

Thank you for joining us on a retrospective journey through Epiphone’s 1936 catalog. It was a year that marked a significant milestone for the brand as they embraced the electrification of musical instruments, creating a legacy that would resonate with musicians for generations to come.