Signature Guitars

Signature guitars are like the sonic fingerprint of a musician. They encapsulate the unique style, preferences, and sonic desires of the artist whose name they bear. These guitars are the result of extensive collaboration between the artist and the manufacturer, aimed at creating an instrument that is a true reflection of the artist’s musical identity.
Let’s dive into the stories behind these unique instruments, exploring their origins, iconic models, and the musicians who wield them.

B.B. King Guitars

For B.B. King, his crown was his beloved guitar, affectionately named “Lucille”. Let’s dive deep into the relationship between the King of Blues and his iconic guitars.

Angel Vivaldi Guitars

The collaboration between Angel Vivaldi and Charvel has resulted in instruments that are celestial bodies in the musical universe. The Pro-Mod DK24-6 Nova and DK24-7 Nova are not just products of meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design.

Andy Timmons Guitars

Andy Timmons is widely respected for his melodious and versatile playing style. His collaboration with Ibanez has resulted in the creation of some distinctive and highly acclaimed signature guitars.

Alexi Laiho Guitars

Alexi Laiho, known for being the frontman and lead guitarist for the Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom, is a name synonymous with rapid guitar riffs and unapologetic solos. Known for his blistering technique and high-octane performances, he collaborated with ESP Guitars to craft a guitar that could withstand his aggressive playing style.

Alex Wade Guitar

Alex Wade is a member of the deathcore band Whitechapel, has partnered with ESP to design a guitar that mirrors his musical attitude and technical prowess, the ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone.

Alex Skolnick Guitars

The collaboration between Alex Skolnick and ESP has resulted in a series of guitars that are a fusion of style, sound, and craftsmanship. These instruments reflect Alex’s multifaceted musical persona and ESP’s dedication to producing quality guitars.

Alex Machacek Guitar

Alex Machacek’s collaboration with Strandberg has resulted in an instrument that is a true embodiment of musical excellence and innovation. The Strandberg Boden Fusion NX 6 Alex Machacek Edition is a symbol of the unification of artistic vision and craftsmanship.

Alex Lifeson Guitars

The result of a detailed collaboration between Alex Lifeson and Gibson, the Epiphone Alex Lifeson Les Paul Custom Axcess brings a fresh approach to the iconic Les Paul, offering an accessible and versatile instrument.

Albert Hammond Jr Guitar

Albert Hammond Jr, the innovative guitarist of The Strokes, has been known for his unique sound and dynamic playing style, painting sonic landscapes and defining the sound of a generation. When such a musical mind collaborates with a legendary guitar maker like Fender, it’s bound to result in something extraordinary: The Fender Albert Hammond Jr Stratocaster.

Albert Collins Guitar

Albert Collins, a prominent figure in the blues music scene, was notably referred to as “The Master of the Telecaster,” showcasing his proficiency and distinct style on the Fender Telecaster guitar.

Alan Ashby Guitars

Alan Ashby, rhythm guitarist for the American metalcore band Of Mice & Men, is well-known for his aggressive playing style and meticulous attention to tone. It’s his unique sound and style that paved the way for the collaboration with ESP to create two signature guitars: the ESP LTD AA-600 in 2016 and the ESP LTD AA-1 in 2022.