Buz McGrath – Unearth Guitar

When we talk about music genres that truly push the boundaries of sound, intensity, and technical prowess, metalcore invariably ends up being a major part of the conversation. The sheer force, the blinding speed, and the razor-sharp precision required in this genre can leave anyone awestruck. But beyond the blast beats, the ripping basslines, and the guttural screams, there lie the unsung heroes, the guitarists, who weave this cacophonous symphony into art.

One such maestro in this realm, renowned for not only his technical abilities but also for his distinctive style, is Buz McGrath. Today, we’ll be diving deep into the world of this virtuoso guitarist and, more importantly, the weapon of his choice: the ESP LTD BUZ-7.

Buz McGrath – The Metalcore Maverick

If you’ve ever headbanged to the sounds of Unearth, then you’re already familiar with the sonic assault that Buz McGrath can unleash. As one of the lead guitarists for this powerhouse metalcore band, McGrath has been instrumental (pun intended) in defining the band’s sound and by extension, leaving an indelible mark on the genre itself.

Now, you might ask, what makes McGrath so special in a genre overflowing with talent? For starters, his unique approach to songwriting seamlessly blends the aggression of metal with the melodic sensibilities of more traditional rock. This has resulted in some of the most memorable riffs and solos in metalcore. But more than just his songwriting, it’s his playing style. Lightning-fast yet incredibly clean, McGrath’s guitar work is a masterclass in precision and technique.

However, as any guitarist will tell you, while skill is paramount, the instrument you wield can elevate your music to another level. And for McGrath, his chosen axe is none other than the ESP LTD BUZ-7.


The first thing that strikes you about the ESP LTD BUZ-7 is its purposeful design. Everything about this guitar screams (or perhaps growls?) intensity. From its sleek contours to its aggressive styling, it’s evident that this is a guitar built for the rigors of metalcore.

Seven Strings of Fury

The BUZ-7 is a seven-string guitar. The additional low string allows for a broader range of tunings, enabling those deep, guttural riffs that are synonymous with the genre. In McGrath’s hands, this extra string isn’t just a gimmick; it’s a tool, expanding his musical horizons and allowing him to explore new sonic territories.

Pickups That Pack a Punch

Any electric guitar is only as good as its pickups, and in this regard, the BUZ-7 is a true heavyweight. With its Fishman active humbuckers, this guitar is designed to capture every nuance of McGrath’s playing, from the softest melodies to the most intense riffs. This ensures that whether he’s playing live in front of thousands of fans or laying down tracks in the studio, his sound is always crisp, clear, and powerful.

Playability Par Excellence

But beyond just the sound, a signature guitar needs to cater to the specific needs of the artist. With its slim neck profile and ergonomic design, the BUZ-7 ensures that McGrath can blaze through his most complex compositions without breaking a sweat. This level of comfort and playability is crucial, especially in a genre as demanding as metalcore.

Specification Table ESP LTD BUZ-7

Made in:Indonesia
Left-Handed Version:No
Top:Quilted Maple
Type:Solid Body
Body Material:Alder
Bridge:Floyd Rose 1000
Neck Joint:Neck-Through
Fretboard:Macassar Ebony
Neck Material:5pc Maple/Walnut
Decoration:Offset Dots
Scale Size:25.5″
Shape:Extra Thin Flat
Thickness:1st Fret: 0.724” (18.4mm) – 12th Fret: 0.827” (21mm)
Frets:24 XL Jumbo
Fretboard Radius:15.75″
Nut Width:48mm (1.89”)
Switch:3 Way
Pickup Mods:Multi-Voicing
Volume Controls:1
Tone Controls:0
Bridge Pickup:Fishman Fluence SRC Signature (Humbucker / Active)
Neck Pickup:Fishman Fluence SRC Signature (Humbucker / Active)

In the vast universe of guitars, the ESP LTD BUZ-7 is a shining star. It embodies the spirit of metalcore while offering musicians a tool that is both powerful and versatile. For Buz McGrath, it’s more than just an instrument; it’s an extension of himself, a partner in his musical journey. And for fans and budding guitarists alike, it serves as a reminder of what’s possible when talent meets the perfect instrument.