21 Best Songs about Autumn: Our Cozy Playlist for Fall Vibes

Autumn, is not just about the pumpkin spice latte or that pile of leaves you’ve been avoiding to rake up. It’s a season that paints nature in fiery colors, brings about chilly evenings perfect for bonfires, and inspires many artists to pen down their feelings. So, when you’re not watching horror films or carving pumpkins, how about chilling to some of the best autumn-inspired songs? Here’s a comprehensive list, from classics to contemporary hits, that encapsulate the autumn vibe.

1. “Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole

Did you seriously think we could start this list without mentioning this classic? This jazz standard has been covered by everyone from Eric Clapton to Eva Cassidy. Its melancholic melody and lyrics about falling leaves and fading love make it quintessentially autumnal.

Fun Fact: The original song, “Les Feuilles Mortes,” was written in French by Joseph Kosma and Jacques Prévert.

2. “The Autumn Stone” by Small Faces

This 1969 tune from the British rock band Small Faces is not only nostalgic in its sound but also in its lyrics. It paints an image of autumn landscapes and is perfect for a scenic drive through foliage-filled lanes.

3. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

Although this song is rooted in personal loss for Billie Joe Armstrong, the Green Day frontman, its title has made it an autumn anthem for many. It captures the transitional spirit of the season, as summer ends and autumn begins.

4. “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire

“Ba de ya, say do you remember?” This funky track might seem like a dance number, but it’s all about September love. And we all know September = Autumn, right?

5. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

The gentle strums of the guitar and Neil Young’s signature voice paint a beautiful picture of love in the time of fall. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to slow dance in your backyard, under the moonlight.

6. “October” by U2

If the title didn’t give it away, this piano-driven piece is about the transition and impermanence of things. U2’s melancholic melody perfectly fits the fall mood.

7. “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart

A coming-of-age tale set against the backdrop of autumn. Rod Stewart’s raspy voice singing about the end of summer and moving on strikes a chord with anyone who’s ever experienced change (which is all of us, right?).

Fun Fact: “Maggie May” wasn’t originally the A-side track on the single. It just became popular thanks to radio DJs!

8. “Autumn Almanac” by The Kinks

This tune encapsulates everything about British autumn – from roast beef to rainy afternoons. Ray Davies’ genius shines through the quirky lyrics and catchy melody.

9. “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses

While technically it’s a song about heartbreak and the fear of loss, the epic video and title place it firmly in the autumn category. Plus, who can resist Slash’s legendary guitar solos?

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10. “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” by The White Stripes

A raw and grungy homage to autumn, this track by The White Stripes is a beautiful mesh of love, nostalgia, and, of course, dead leaves.

11. “Autumn in New York” by Billie Holiday

Jazz and autumn, they kinda go hand in hand, right? Billie Holiday’s version of this song, originally written by Vernon Duke, is sheer magic. The song paints a vivid picture of New York in the fall – yellow leaves, glistening streets, and that unbeatable charm.

Fun Fact: Multiple artists have covered this song, but Billie’s rendition remains one of the most iconic.

12. “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

Fast forward to a contemporary autumn anthem. As the title suggests, it’s all about the comfort of sweaters, warm coffee, and the chill of early fall air. It perfectly describes the thrill and excitement of new love as the weather begins to cool.

13. “Leaves That Are Green” by Simon & Garfunkel

This duo never fails to bring a touch of poetic elegance to their songs. Here, the fleeting nature of time and love are described through the metaphor of changing leaves. The lyrics “And the leaves that are green turn to brown” say it all.

14. “Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo

The indie rock band Yo La Tengo gives us a melodic and introspective track about the complexities of love, intertwined with autumn vibes. It’s a tune that seems to echo the sentiments of wanting to be close to someone when the air turns cold.

15. “September Song” by Agnes Obel

This track by the Danish songstress has a hauntingly beautiful quality. Its mellow notes and the emotive voice capture the essence of fleeting time and memories associated with the transition of summer to fall.

16. “Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran

Yes, there’s another “Autumn Leaves” on this list, but it’s vastly different from Nat King Cole’s classic. Sheeran’s ballad is an emotional rollercoaster, touching on themes of loss and remembrance. His acoustic brilliance shines through, making it a perfect song for introspective evenings.

17. “November” by Tom Waits

Tom Waits, with his distinctive voice, brings forth a ballad that’s as melancholic as November rain. It’s dark, it’s broody, and it’s the perfect song for those contemplative autumn nights.

18. “Autumn Love” by Death Cab for Cutie

If you’ve ever felt like fall is the season for reflection and memories, then “Autumn Love” will resonate with you. The song talks about searching for a connection and dealing with loneliness, making it a powerful anthem for introspection.

19. “Indian Summer” by The Doors

The Doors capture the essence of the transitional phase from the warm days of summer to the chilly days of fall. It’s sultry and poetic, much like a typical late summer or early autumn day.

20. “Hard to Explain” by The Strokes

While not an autumn song per se, the vibe of this classic from The Strokes perfectly complements the season. The theme of fleeting moments and trying to hold onto them just seems to gel with the ephemeral beauty of fall.

21. “Autumn” by Paolo Nutini

This Scottish singer-songwriter has a knack for evoking strong emotions with his voice. In “Autumn,” Nutini beautifully croons about love, loss, and the changing seasons. There’s a rawness in his voice that adds depth to the whole autumnal experience.

Falling into Autumn Music:

When we think of seasons and music, it’s usually summer anthems that pop into our minds. But autumn has this indescribable beauty, a melange of emotions – a little bit of nostalgia, a touch of melancholy, and a whole lot of warmth. And this is perfectly captured in these songs.

The season has an uncanny ability to make us reflect, introspect, and appreciate the fleeting beauty of nature and life. And while winter comes with its own charm (and Christmas music!), there’s something truly special about the amber hues, the crispy air, and the cozy vibes of fall.

If you’ve been exclusively a summer tune person, we hope this list has given you a fresh perspective on autumnal music. There’s a lot out there, waiting to be explored, felt, and cherished. So the next time you see those leaves turning golden and feel that familiar chill in the air, you know which playlist to turn on.

So, grab your favorite blanket, brew some hot cocoa, and get lost in these tunes that make autumn feel even more special. Whether you’re a fan of classic rock, jazz, or modern pop, there’s something in this playlist for everyone.