13 Best Elevation Worship Songs: When Praise Meets Passion

If you’ve been anywhere near contemporary Christian music in the last decade, you’d know that Elevation Worship isn’t just another worship band. They’re kind of a big deal! With their heart-touching lyrics, foot-tapping melodies, and powerful live worship experiences, Elevation Worship has become a go-to for many when seeking spiritual upliftment.

Whether you’re a seasoned worshipper or just looking for some soulful sounds, this list is the perfect starter pack for anyone wanting to dive deep into the spiritual ocean that is Elevation Worship.

1. “O Come to the Altar”

This song is like a call, a beckoning for all those feeling lost or burdened. The powerful lyrics “Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy” beautifully encapsulate the song’s theme of redemption and grace.

Did you know? This track is one of Elevation Worship’s most streamed songs on Spotify!

2. “Do It Again”

Here, the band creates an anthem of God’s faithfulness, with lyrics that express trust in God’s promises, even in the face of challenges. The repetitive chorus reinforces the idea of God’s unchanging nature.

3. “Here Again”

A song filled with raw emotion and vulnerability, it’s about those moments when you feel you’re at the end of your rope, but you still choose to seek God’s presence.

4. “See A Victory”

This track is a powerful declaration of faith in the face of adversity. It’s a reminder that with God on your side, victory is assured. A must-add to your playlist when facing a giant in your life!

5. “Graves Into Gardens”

A testament to transformation, this song emphasizes God’s power to turn our mourning into dancing and our sorrows into joy.

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6. “Won’t Stop Now”

With its upbeat tempo and hopeful lyrics, this song exudes faith and confidence in God’s plans and promises.

7. “There Is A Cloud”

Inspired by the biblical story of Elijah, this song is a beautiful reminder of God’s promises and the rain of blessings He pours out.

8. “Echo” ft. Tauren Wells

Mixing contemporary sounds with age-old truths, “Echo” is a jubilant celebration of God’s enduring presence in our lives. Plus, Tauren Wells’ soulful voice is the cherry on top!

9. “Resurrecting”

Centered around the resurrection of Jesus, this track speaks of the victory and authority that comes from this pivotal event in Christian faith.

10. “It Is So”

A Song from their album “At Midnigh”.

11. “I Can’t Believe”

This song is a heartfelt declaration of faith and a deep dive into the transformative power of Christ’s love and sacrifice.

12. “Hallelujah Here Below”

Drawing inspiration from the Lord’s Prayer, this song is a powerful expression of worship, portraying heaven and earth uniting in praise.

13. “Only King Forever”

A majestic reminder of God’s sovereignty, this anthem is an excellent choice when you want to proclaim God’s rule and reign in your life.

A Brief Dive into Elevation Worship’s Roots: Elevation Worship isn’t just a band; it’s the worship ministry of Elevation Church, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The church was founded by Pastor Steven Furtick in 2006, and since then, it’s been nothing short of a meteoric rise both for the church and its worship arm. And let’s just take a moment to appreciate the heart and passion Pastor Steven brings to the table – not just as a pastor, but often as a co-writer for many of Elevation Worship’s tracks!

Why all the hype about Elevation Worship? With the modern church evolving, Elevation Worship has been at the forefront of blending contemporary sounds with deep-rooted theology. It’s not just about creating hit songs but about crafting experiences that usher listeners into God’s presence. Their live recordings, especially, are nothing short of electric, often turning into intense worship sessions.

Music and More: While music is a huge part of what they do, Elevation Worship’s influence extends beyond just songs. They’re also instrumental in training and raising the next generation of worship leaders. Their dedication to mentorship and training is evident in the passion and skill of every band member.

Beyond Borders: Elevation Worship’s influence isn’t limited to just the USA. Their songs are sung in churches around the world, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries. Thanks to the band’s efforts in translating their songs into multiple languages, people worldwide can sing their powerful anthems in their native tongues.

Collaborations Galore: Another thing to note is Elevation Worship’s incredible collaborations. From joining forces with renowned artists like Tauren Wells and Kari Jobe to collaborating with other major worship groups like Bethel Music and Hillsong Worship, these partnerships have resulted in some spiritually explosive tracks.