12 Best Bass Guitars For Small Hands

Alright, let’s talk bass and, specifically, how to find the right fit when you’re rockin’ smaller mitts. Not all bass guitars are created equal and, for those with smaller hands, the struggle is real. But fear not! The music world has got you covered with some pretty sweet options tailored (or should I say, scaled?) just for you.

1. Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro

A Mighty Mini

The Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro stands out in the bass world for its smaller size without compromising on sound. At 28.6 inches, it’s a notably shorter-scale bass, making it an ideal fit for those with smaller hands. This bass is proof that great things do come in small packages!

Features to Dig:

  • Compact size without losing out on sound quality.
  • Available in a range of colors – show off your style!
  • Lightweight, making it great for younger players too.

2. Fender Mustang PJ Bass

A Classic Brand with a Compact Twist

The Mustang PJ Bass from Fender combines the iconic style and sound of Fender with a shorter scale length. It’s got that classic Fender tone but in a 30-inch scale – a nice middle-ground for those who find standard basses a stretch.

Features to Dig:

  • P/J pickup configuration for a versatile sound palette.
  • “C” shaped neck profile which is comfy for smaller hands.
  • A known brand with a proven track record in quality.

If you decide to buy a Fender Mustang PJ Bass, first of all, check its authenticity and production date.

The Underdog Champ

The Bronco Bass is a hidden gem for those on a budget. Made by Squier, Fender’s more affordable cousin, this bass offers a 30-inch scale and a slim neck – a perfect combo for those petite palms and fingers.

Features to Dig:

  • Single-coil pickup for a punchy tone.
  • Lightweight body, ideal for prolonged playing or gigging.
  • Attractive price point without skimping on quality.

4. Gibson SG Special Bass

When Tradition Meets Comfort

Gibson, a name synonymous with legendary guitars, offers the SG Special Bass. It’s a short-scale bass with all the vibe and tone of its big brothers. The iconic SG body shape is both stylish and functional for players with smaller hands.

Features to Dig:

  • Dual pickups provide a range of tonal options.
  • Classic looks with the renowned Gibson build quality.
  • 30.5-inch scale, blending tradition with comfort.

5. Kala U-Bass

Think Outside the Box

Who said basses need to be big? The Kala U-Bass shatters this stereotype. It’s a ukulele-sized bass guitar that produces impressive low-end sounds. If you’ve got small hands and want something totally different, this is it!

Features to Dig:

  • Super compact and portable.
  • Produces deep bass tones despite its small size.
  • Equipped with proprietary polyurethane strings for a unique playing experience.

6. Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II

Rockabilly Vibes in a Compact Size

The Gretsch G2220 is a visual and sonic treat. With its 30.3-inch scale, it offers a comfortable playing experience for those with smaller hands. Its mini humbuckers provide that classic Gretsch tone that’s loved by many.

Features to Dig:

  • Dual mini-humbuckers for a rich sound.
  • A basswood body ensures a lightweight feel.
  • Vintage style for those who love the classics.

7. ESP LTD B-204SM

Modern Looks, Classic Comfort

ESP’s LTD series offers some fantastic options for bassists. The B-204SM, with its ash body and shorter scale, makes for a seamless playing experience, especially for those with smaller hands.

Features to Dig:

  • Stunning spalted maple top for that extra flair.
  • Active electronics to sculpt your perfect tone.
  • Thin “U” neck contour for easier grip and playability.

8. Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS2

A Blend of Style and Functionality

Jackson, known for its metal and rock roots, doesn’t disappoint with this one. The Spectra Bass JS2 offers a shorter scale, combined with sleek design elements that’ll surely make you stand out.

Features to Dig:

  • 32-inch scale, providing a balance between standard and short scales.
  • P/J pickup configuration for tonal versatility.
  • Offset body design for enhanced comfort.

9. Daisy Rock Candy Bass

Made for the Ladies (But Gents Can Rock It Too!)

Daisy Rock is known for crafting instruments tailored for women, but hey, anyone can rock these! The Candy Bass is no exception, boasting a slimmer neck and lighter body, making it perfect for smaller hands.

Features to Dig:

  • Designed especially with females in mind, but versatile for all.
  • Daisy inlays for that extra touch of femininity.
  • 34-inch scale but with a slimmer neck profile.

10. Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass

Beatles Vibes, Anyone?

This is the bass made famous by Sir Paul McCartney. It’s not just iconic; it’s also comfortable for players with smaller hands. The Hofner Violin Bass is a shorter-scale bass that combines vintage looks with modern playability.

Features to Dig:

  • Iconic design and sounds that take you back to the ’60s.
  • Hollow body construction, making it super lightweight.
  • 30-inch scale length for easy playability.

11. Warwick RockBass Corvette Basic

A Premium Feel without the Premium Price

Warwick basses have a reputation for their top-notch build quality and sound. The RockBass Corvette Basic, with its shorter scale, brings the Warwick experience to players with smaller hands without breaking the bank.

Features to Dig:

  • Two passive MEC Vintage Humbuckers for a powerful tone.
  • Ash body for resonance and sustain.
  • 32-inch scale for added comfort.

12. Schecter Stiletto Short Scale

Modern Aesthetics with a Cozy Feel

Schecter is renowned for its edgy designs and premium tones. The Stiletto Short Scale is a testament to that legacy, offering modern aesthetics and a 30-inch scale that is perfect for smaller hands.

Features to Dig:

  • EMG pickups for a wide range of tonal possibilities.
  • Slim maple neck for swift and comfortable playability.
  • The mahogany body ensures a balanced tone.

The world of bass guitars is vast, but there’s always a perfect match for every player out there, regardless of hand size. Remember, it’s all about comfort and vibe. So, the next time you’re on the hunt for a bass, don’t let size intimidate you. There’s something for everyone, and with the right bass in hand, you’re bound to hit all the right notes!