10 Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Acoustic guitars have a charm of their own – the sweet, mellow tones, the resonance, and the feeling of strings vibrating under your fingertips. But sometimes, you gotta be louder! Whether you’re performing on stage, busking on the street, or simply jamming at a noisy get-together, an acoustic guitar amplifier can be a real game-changer. So, if you’re hunting for that perfect amp, let me guide you through 10 of the best out there!

1. Fender Acoustasonic Series

Fender, the brand that’s synonymous with legendary guitar tones, doesn’t disappoint in the acoustic amp department either. The Acoustasonic series boasts clean sound projection and EQ controls that allow you to shape your sound just right. With built-in effects and feedback elimination, this series is versatile enough for the bedroom player or the gigging musician.

2. Fishman Loudbox Artist

Fishman, primarily known for their pickups, does an incredible job with their Loudbox series. The Artist model offers 120 watts of crystal-clear power. It has two channels – one for your guitar and another for a microphone, making it a busker’s dream. The onboard chorus and reverb effects add the necessary shimmer to your performance.

3. Roland AC-60

Roland’s AC series is a favorite among acoustic players, and the AC-60 stands out. This amp offers 30 watts per channel in a stereo setup, producing a wide sound field. With its anti-feedback function and built-in effects, the AC-60 is ideal for both practicing and performing. Plus, the “wide” mode creates an expansive sound, which is a unique touch.

4. AER Compact 60

AER is the Rolls-Royce of acoustic amplifiers. The Compact 60 is small, as its name suggests, but don’t let the size fool you. It delivers 60 watts of the purest acoustic tone you’ll ever hear. Its straightforward design makes it user-friendly, and the sound quality justifies its premium price tag.

5. Marshall AS50D

When you think Marshall, you probably imagine electric guitar growls. But the AS50D is their offering to the acoustic world. With 50 watts of power, two channels, and built-in chorus and reverb effects, this amp is a delight. It also includes a phase switch to combat feedback. The classic Marshall look, combined with a rich acoustic sound, is truly something.

6. Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT

Boss has a reputation for delivering quality in everything they touch. The Acoustic Singer Live LT is no exception. Packing 60 watts of power, this amp not only amplifies your guitar but your vocals too! It’s a perfect companion for the singer-songwriters out there. With features like harmony function for vocals and a looper, creativity knows no bounds.

7. Yamaha THR5A

This isn’t your conventional amp. It’s a compact, desktop-sized amplifier perfect for those intimate bedroom sessions. Yamaha’s THR5A is designed for acoustic guitarists in mind, delivering simulations of classic tube condenser and dynamic mics combined with studio-grade effects. It might be tiny, but the tones it offers are vast and varied.

8. Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450

On a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on sound? Behringer’s got you. The Ultracoustic ACX450 offers 45 watts of power, two channels, and a 5-band graphic EQ to shape your tone. The built-in FX processor with 16 effects spices up your sound without needing extra pedals. It’s durable, reliable, and won’t break the bank.

9. Peavey Ecoustic E20

Peavey, a brand renowned for its amplifiers, delivers with the Ecoustic E20. This 20-watt amp might seem modest but provides a clean and clear sound, perfect for smaller gigs or practice sessions. With a simple interface, two-band EQ, and a phase switch, the E20 is all about giving you a hassle-free playing experience.

10. Laney A-Fresco

Last but not least, the Laney A-Fresco is tailored for outdoor performances. It’s battery-powered, so you don’t need to worry about finding a power outlet when you’re out in the open. Delivering 30 watts, this amp offers two channels, onboard effects, and anti-feedback measures. Whether you’re busking in a park or performing at a beach party, the A-Fresco has your back.

Wrapping it Up

There you have it! From big-name brands to those that offer great value for money, there’s an acoustic amp out there for every guitarist. Remember, the best amplifier is the one that caters to your needs, suits your style, and feels right to you. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, investing in a quality amp can elevate your sound and enrich your playing experience. So, plug in, play on, and let the world hear those sweet acoustic tones! 🎸