Ben Weinman Signature Guitar

When you think of innovative guitarists who have left an indelible mark on the metal scene, Ben Weinman‘s name is bound to crop up. As the founding member and lead guitarist of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ben’s unique approach to guitar playing has not only defined the band’s chaotic and unpredictable sound but has also influenced a slew of younger guitarists. His penchant for jazzy, off-kilter rhythms and an aggressive playing style have made him stand out in a genre often criticized for its lack of innovation.

Over the years, various manufacturers have tried to capture the essence of what makes Ben’s sound so unique. The intricate tapping, the sharp staccato rhythms, the sheer aggression – these are all elements that need a sturdy, reliable, and versatile guitar to come to life. One such instrument that has been crafted with Ben’s input and stands as a testament to his unique style is the ESP LTD BW-1 Evertune.

The Maestro: Ben Weinman

Before we dive into the specifics of the guitar, let’s take a moment to appreciate the man behind it. Ben Weinman’s journey with The Dillinger Escape Plan began in 1997. Over the course of two decades, the band released six full-length albums, each one a sonic exploration of what’s possible within the realm of metal and hardcore.

Weinman’s playing is nothing short of acrobatic. He can swiftly move from a clean, jazzy interlude to a frenzied breakdown in a matter of seconds. But beyond the technical prowess lies a deep understanding of music theory, which he adeptly uses to craft intricate melodies and challenging time signatures. It’s a blend of raw power and sophisticated musicianship, a style that is hard to emulate but is instantly recognizable.

Beyond his work with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ben has collaborated with a host of other artists, bringing his unique touch to various projects. Whether it’s playing alongside Kim Thayil of Soundgarden or teaming up with drumming maestro Travis Barker, Weinman’s versatility shines through. And this adaptability and willingness to explore are precisely what makes his signature guitar so special.

Signature Guitar – ESP LTD BW-1 Evertune

When it comes to metal and rock guitars, ESP is a name that commands respect. Known for their sleek designs and focus on playability, ESP is favored by many professional musicians worldwide. The collaboration between Weinman and ESP led to the birth of a guitar that complements his unique style: the ESP LTD BW-1 Evertune.

Craftsmanship and Build

The first thing you’ll notice about the ESP LTD BW-1 Evertune is its impeccable design. The guitar exudes elegance with a slight hint of menace, perfect for a player whose style is a blend of grace and aggression. Crafted with a semi-hollow body, this guitar promises resonance and depth. The use of mahogany for the body ensures a warm tone, while the flamed maple top adds clarity and a beautiful aesthetic touch.

One of the standout features, which also gives the guitar its name, is the EverTune bridge. This revolutionary bridge system ensures that the guitar remains in tune, irrespective of the environmental changes or how hard you might be playing. For a touring musician like Weinman, this is invaluable. No more constant tuning mid-gig!

Neck and Playability

When it comes to the neck, the ESP LTD BW-1 does not disappoint. Made of three pieces of maple and reinforced with ebony for the fretboard, the neck promises durability and a smooth playing experience. The “Thin U” neck contour is perfect for players who like to traverse the neck with speed. The 24 extra-jumbo frets are designed for those intricate tapping sequences and swift solos that Weinman is known for.

Electronics and Sound

Underneath its beautiful exterior, the BW-1 is a beast waiting to roar. Equipped with active Fishman pickups – the guitar is capable of delivering a punchy, aggressive tone and cleaner, more melodic sounds. The active circuitry ensures that the output is consistent, and the guitar can handle everything from piercing leads to chunky rhythms.

The controls are simple, yet versatile. A single volume and tone knob paired with a 3-way toggle switch allows for a wide range of tonal options. Whether you’re looking to churn out some aggressive metal riffs or tone it down with a clean jazzy vibe, the BW-1 has got you covered.

ESP LTD BW-1 Evertune Specification Table

Made in:Indonesia
Left-Handed Version:No
Top:Flamed Maple
Body Material:Mahogany
Bridge:Evertune (F model)
Neck Joint:Neck-Through
Tuners:LTD Locking
Fretboard:Macassar Ebony
Neck Material:3pc Maple
Decoration:Offset Blocks
Scale Size:25.5″
Shape:Thin U
Thickness:1st Fret: 0.787” (20mm) – 12th Fret: 0.866” (22mm)
Frets:24 XL Jumbo
Fretboard Radius:13.78″
Nut Width:43mm (1.693”)
Switch:3 Way
Pickup Mods:Multi-Voicing
Volume Controls:1
Tone Controls:1
Bridge Pickup:Fishman Fluence Modern Ceramic (Humbucker / Active)
Neck Pickup:Fishman Fluence Modern Alnico (Humbucker / Active)


Ben Weinman’s style is not easy to encapsulate, but the ESP LTD BW-1 Evertune does an admirable job of it. It’s a guitar designed for the rigors of touring, the challenges of studio recording, and the demands of innovative playing. Whether you’re a fan of Weinman and The Dillinger Escape Plan or just a guitarist looking for a versatile and reliable instrument, this guitar is worthy of consideration.

It’s a testament to Weinman’s legacy and his contribution to the world of modern metal. A perfect blend of form and function, the ESP LTD BW-1 Evertune is more than just a signature guitar – it’s a piece of music history.