Alex Wade Signature Guitar

Alex Wade is a member of the deathcore band Whitechapel, renowned for his rhythm guitar work and for crafting monstrous riffs that can quake arenas. His playing style is a concoction of aggressive pickings, punchy tones, and deep chugs.

It’s no surprise then that Alex Wade has partnered with ESP to design a guitar that mirrors his musical attitude and technical prowess, the ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone.

Alex Wade

Alex Wade is a musician known for being one of the guitarists for the American deathcore band Whitechapel. Whitechapel is recognized for its heavy sound, complex rhythms, and deep, growling vocals, and they are considered one of the pioneering bands of the deathcore genre.

Alex Wade, along with the other members of Whitechapel, has been instrumental in developing the band’s sound and style, contributing significantly to the band’s songwriting and performances. His work in Whitechapel has garnered him acclaim in the heavy metal community, and he’s recognized for his proficiency and innovative guitar playing.

ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone: Crafting the Sonic Monster

The creation of the ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone is a harmonious convergence of Alex’s heavy, aggressive playing style and ESP’s renowned craftsmanship. Released in 2020, this guitar is a testament to how meticulously a guitar can be crafted to fit the musician’s essence. This Baritone is not just a guitar; it’s an extension of Alex’s musical persona, designed to translate his sonic vision into reality.

The Aesthetic and Sonic Blend

The visual and sonic aesthetics of the ESP LTD AW-7 are in perfect sync. It’s a stunning piece that exhibits a sharp, sleek design reflective of Alex’s precise and articulate playing style. The body shape is distinct, making a statement even before a note is played, and when the strings are struck, it delivers a sound that is colossal and penetrating, reflecting the depth and aggression characteristic of Alex’s music.

Innovative Design and Structure

The ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone is meticulously designed to ensure optimal playability, balance, and comfort. The guitar’s structure and components are thoughtfully arranged to provide a seamless playing experience, allowing musicians to delve deep into their creative realms without any hindrance. It’s constructed to feel natural in the hands of the player, offering a smooth interface between the musician and the instrument.

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Diverse Sonic Landscape

The ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone is not just about heavy riffs and aggressive tones; it’s a versatile instrument that can navigate through diverse sonic landscapes. It’s capable of producing a variety of tones, allowing musicians to explore different musical territories. Whether you’re churning out brutal, palm-muted chugs or articulating melodic phrases, this guitar ensures that every note is expressed with clarity and precision.

Detailing the Tone

Every component and detail in this Baritone is chosen with the utmost care to sculpt a sound that is rich and full. The wood, the pickups, the bridge, every element is harmoniously integrated to craft a sound that resonates with depth and clarity. It’s a sonic entity that can roar with intensity and whisper with subtlety, providing a wide spectrum of expressive possibilities.

Alex Wade’s signature Baritone encourages musicians to blur the lines between musical genres. It invites players to step out of their musical comfort zones and venture into uncharted sonic territories. This instrument is a medium for musical exploration and expression, allowing the player to experiment with sounds and articulate their musical visions accurately.

The Evolution of Sound and Style

The development of the ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone is indicative of the evolving relationship between musicians and their instruments. It reflects a paradigm where the guitar is not just a tool for sound production but a collaborative partner in the creative process. The AW-7 is a symbol of the symbiotic relationship between a musician’s artistic vision and the instrument’s sonic capabilities.

Table: ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone

Made inIndonesia
Left-Handed VersionNo
TypeSolid Body
Body MaterialSwamp Ash
BridgeHipshot Fixed
Neck JointBolt-On
TunersLTD Locking
FretboardMacassar Ebony
Neck Material5Pc Maple/Walnut/Paduak
Scale Size27″
ShapeThin U
Thickness1st Fret: 0.787” (20mm) – 12th Fret: 0.866” (22mm)
Frets24 XL Jumbo Stainless Steel
Fretboard Radius15.75″
Nut Width48mm (1.89”)
Switch3 Way
Volume Controls1
Tone Controls0
Bridge PickupDimarzio D-Activator 7 (Humbucker / Passive)
Neck PickupDimarzio D-Activator 7 (Humbucker / Passive)

Conclusion: A Sonic Symphony

The collaboration between Alex Wade and ESP has birthed a guitar that is a harmonious blend of style, sound, and substance. The ESP LTD AW-7 Baritone is not just a musical instrument; it’s a sonic companion that enables you to navigate through the symphony of strings with ease and precision. It’s a gateway to a realm of musical possibilities, allowing you to explore, experiment, and express your musical ideas freely. Whether you are a seasoned musician or a budding guitarist, this Baritone offers a canvas for you to paint your musical masterpieces, ensuring every stroke, every note, resonates with clarity and depth.