Abbath Doom Occulta Signature Guitar

Abbath Doom Occulta, the name might sound a bit ominous, but for fans of black metal, it resonates with powerful, driven, and darkly poetic musical expression. Abbath is a Norwegian musician, widely known for being the frontman of the influential black metal band Immortal. His presence on stage is undeniable, with his iconic corpse paint and potent musical prowess. Abbath’s style blends searing guitar riffs with a kind of theatrical morbidity that has marked him as a unique figure in the metal genre.

Immortal had been making a significant impact on the black metal scene since the early ’90s, churning out albums that were critically acclaimed for their intensity and musicality. However, due to internal disputes, the band had to part ways, allowing Abbath to embark on a solo career, releasing music under his moniker, Abbath, and further establishing his status as a powerful entity in the world of metal.

Schecter RavenDark V FR Abbath – The Iconic Signature Guitar

The Schecter RavenDark V FR Abbath Signature sets itself apart by being about 17% cheaper than the average competitor price, offering more bang for the buck in the same category. This category encompasses 6-string guitars with double-locking bridges, all hailing from South Korea.

Ease of Play for Beginners

In terms of beginner friendliness, the Schecter RavenDark V FR Abbath Signature meets half of the eight criteria set, striking a balance between playability for newbies and appeal for more seasoned players. This is after considering various elements such as frets, scale length, nut width, bridge type, fretboard radius, and neck profile, all pivotal in shaping the user experience for novice players.

Catering to Hand Comfort

The guitar’s design is more inclined to accommodate those with smaller hands, considering its scale size, neck profile, fretboard radius, and nut width. However, the final call on the comfort and playability of the guitar lands squarely on individual preference, emphasizing the need for potential buyers to have a hands-on experience before making a purchase decision.

Understanding Scale Length

Scale length, the distance between the bridge and the nut, influences the guitar’s playability and tone. A lengthier scale means more distance between frets and increased string tension allowing lower action but making string bending more challenging. The Schecter RavenDark V FR Abbath Signature employs a scale length akin to Stratocaster guitars, known for their bright sound and considered long for non-baritone guitars.

The Neck Profile and Its Impact

The Schecter RavenDark V FR Abbath Signature has a C-type neck with a thickness of approximately 0.748” at the first fret and 0.787” at the twelfth, favorable for most hands due to its slim profile, providing a comfortable grip and enhanced playability for speedy solos.

A Closer Look at Fretboard Radius

Fretboard radius is pivotal in defining comfort in play, with the Schecter RavenDark V FR Abbath Signature boasting a compound fingerboard radius of 12″ to 16″, marrying comfort and playability by being curved at the nut and flatter closer to the body of the guitar. This offers optimal comfort for chords on the initial frets and a flatter fretboard for seamless solo playing on higher frets.

Nut Width and Its Implications

With a nut width of 41.3mm, the guitar has a narrower string separation at the nut, beneficial for players with smaller hands but potentially challenging for those with larger hands due to possible unintentional muting of strings while playing chords.

Fret Considerations

Boasting 24 frets, the Schecter RavenDark V FR Abbath Signature offers an additional octave, but this comes with the downside of a longer fretboard and the consequent placement of the neck pickup closer to the bridge, which influences the tone, making the neck pickup sound brighter.

Delving into Tone and Build Quality

The guitar’s mahogany body, maple neck, and ebony fretboard are premium selections known for their tonal qualities, with mahogany offering great sustain and a warm tone, maple accentuating mid and high frequencies, and ebony enhancing the high side of the spectrum and providing good sustain. The guitar is fitted with top-notch EMG pickups, ideal for Heavy Metal, given their high output and clear, defined sound, suitable for genres demanding distortion.

Examining Versatility and Genre Suitability

The guitar’s HH configuration and active pickups make it a preferred choice for genres like Heavy Metal, but its warm tones also find a place in Jazz, Indie, R&B, Blues, and more. The guitar’s versatility is somewhat limited due to the absence of options for coil split or coil tapping.

Analyzing Construction and Components

Constructed in South Korea, and known for quality production, the guitar is well-built, featuring a Floyd Rose 1500 Series bridge enabling extensive use of tremolo without tuning issues and tuners with an 18:1 ratio allowing precise tuning. The guitar’s locking nut and retainer bar contribute to its tune stability, especially after heavy tremolo use. The set neck joint of the guitar implies a solid connection between the neck and the body, believed by some to offer more sustain than a bolt-on neck.

A Verdict

The Schecter RavenDark V FR Abbath Signature, with its thoughtful construction, premium materials, and meticulous attention to detail, stands as a noteworthy instrument, reflecting the musical essence and artistic philosophy of Abbath Doom Occulta.

Whether for a novice exploring musical realms or a seasoned musician delving into intricate compositions, this guitar offers a harmonious blend of aesthetics, playability, and sonic excellence, encapsulating the fierce spirit and melodic sophistication characteristic of metal music.