Aaron Marshall Signature Guitars

Aaron Marshall, a name well revered in the world of Progressive Metal, is known for his intricate and eloquent guitar work, blending technical precision with melodic sophistication. He is the creative force and lead guitarist behind the instrumental progressive metal band, Intervals.

His work is distinctive for its fusion of musical elements, showcasing versatility and a profound understanding of musical landscapes. The style and intricacy of Aaron’s work have earned him acclaim and a dedicated fanbase, adding a rich layer to the tapestry of progressive metal.

Aaron Marshall – Progressive Mastery

Aaron Marshall’s musical style is characterized by a seamless blend of progressive metal and other genres, creating rich, multifaceted soundscapes that resonate with listeners. He experiments with rhythm, melody, and tone, pushing the boundaries of conventional metal music. His compositions often feature complex time signatures, intricate riffs, and expansive sonic textures, illustrating meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of musical theory.

The progressive metal genre, with its emphasis on technical proficiency and musical exploration, offers the perfect canvas for Aaron’s artistic expression. He embraces the freedom and complexity of the genre, crafting compositions that are both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant. His work exemplifies the transformative power of progressive metal, using the genre’s flexibility to explore new sonic territories and challenge musical norms.

Schecter Aaron Marshall AM-6

The Schecter Aaron Marshall AM-6 is a striking electric guitar part of Schecter’s Artist Series, reflecting the individual style of guitarist Aaron Marshall. This instrument is recognized for its distinctive features and reliable performance. It is made in Indonesia, showcasing a bold green color, and interestingly, it is available in a left-handed version.

Aaron Marshall is renowned for his intricate and sophisticated playing style, merging progressive tunes with mesmerizing rhythms, and this guitar seems to be a manifestation of his artistic preference and technical requirements. The Artist series by Schecter typically represents collaboration with musicians to bring forth instruments that are a representation of the artist’s style, and the Aaron Marshall AM-6 is no exception.

Let’s dive into the guitar’s specs, which are presented in the following table:

Made inIndonesia
Left-Handed VersionYes
TypeSolid Body
Body MaterialBasswood
BridgeGotoh Vintage 2-Point Tremolo
Neck JointBolt-On
TunersHipshot Grip-Lock
FretboardMacassar Ebony
Neck MaterialQuarter Sawn Wenge
DecorationAluminum Offset/Reverse Circles
Scale Size25.5″
ShapeThin C
Thickness1st Fret: 0.79” (20.1mm) – 12th Fret: 0.87” (22.1mm)
Frets24 XL Jumbo Stainless Steel
Fretboard Radius12″ to 16″
NutBlack Tusq XL
Nut Width41.7mm (1.643”)
Switch5 Way
Volume Controls1
Tone Controls1
Bridge PickupSchecter USA Solstice (Humbucker / Passive)
Neck PickupSchecter USA Equinox (Humbucker / Passive)

Construction and Playability:

This model features a bolt-on neck joint, which contributes to its sustain and tonality, and also allows for easier neck adjustments or replacements if needed. This, coupled with a Thin C-neck shape, makes it a comfortable choice for various playing styles, facilitating smooth navigation along the neck, especially for those who prefer faster play.

Precision and Control:

The guitar is equipped with Hipshot Grip-Lock tuners, ensuring precision and stability in tuning, a crucial aspect for performers who employ varied tuning setups in their play. The tuners are known for their reliability, meaning once you’ve set your desired tuning, it’s going to stay intact, allowing you to focus solely on your playing.

Fretboard and Frets:

The Macassar Ebony fretboard adorned with Aluminum Offset/Reverse Circles is not just visually striking but also provides a smooth surface for fingers, enhancing playability. The 24 XL Jumbo Stainless Steel frets are durable and resilient to wear, offering longevity that is crucial for musicians who spend a substantial amount of time playing their instrument.

Electronics and Sound Variety:

The 5-way switch and the configuration of one volume and one tone control allow the player to sculpt their sound with detail and precision. Whether you are looking for warm, mellow tones or sharp, bright sounds, the Schecter Aaron Marshall AM-6 is versatile enough to cater to a broad spectrum of sonic preferences.


The Schecter USA Solstice (Bridge) and Schecter USA Equinox (Neck) pickups bring forth a balanced and versatile sound palette. The passive humbucker pickups are renowned for their ability to cancel out noise and interference, ensuring that the sound output is clear and undistorted. This is particularly useful for musicians who explore diverse musical genres and require a versatile sonic output from their instrument.

Material and Aesthetics:

The Basswood body coupled with a Quarter Sawn Wenge neck not only provides a stable and robust structure but also contributes to the guitar’s tonal properties, enriching the sound with warmth and resonance. The green color and the meticulous decoration add to the aesthetic allure of the instrument, making it a visually appealing choice for performers who value stage presence.

Bridge System:

Equipped with a Gotoh Vintage 2-Point Tremolo bridge, this guitar allows for a variety of vibrato effects, enhancing the expressive range of the instrument. It’s an essential feature for those who love adding subtle nuances or dramatic flair to their playing through pitch modulation.

Versatility and Accessibility:

The model’s accessibility is enhanced by its left-handed version availability, ensuring that a wider range of musicians can experience its features and quality. Its adaptability to different music genres makes it a versatile companion for musical exploration, from clean, melodious passages to high-gain rock tones.

Final Thoughts:

The Schecter Aaron Marshall AM-6 is a versatile and reliable instrument that speaks to a broad range of guitar enthusiasts, whether they are fans of Aaron Marshall or not. It combines aesthetic appeal with functional design, offering a balanced and varied sonic output, comfort in playability, and reliability in construction and material choice.

Schecter Aaron Marshall AM-7

The inception of the Schecter Aaron Marshall AM-7 is a reflection of Aaron’s pursuit of musical excellence and innovation. This signature guitar was conceived as a collaborative venture between Aaron and Schecter, aimed at crafting a unique instrument that encompasses Aaron’s musical essence and technical requirements.

Sound Craftsmanship

The meticulous attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection in sound led to the incorporation of top-notch components and materials in the AM-7. From high-quality woods to premium pickups, every element was chosen with care to ensure durability, sound clarity, and tonal richness.

The Prog Metal Companion

For fans of progressive metal and admirers of Aaron’s intricate compositions, the AM-7 serves as a gateway to exploring the depths of the genre. It’s a reliable companion for those keen on experiencing the technical and expressive aspects of prog metal, providing the means to delve into complex musical structures and innovative soundscapes.

A Comprehensive Inquiry into Price and Value

Priced notably higher than its peers, the Aaron Marshall AM-7 from Schecter might raise eyebrows. Yet, it’s imperative to consider whether the additional features it packs justify the heftier price tag. When assessing value, we should delve into the details that encompass the guitar’s build, scale, playability, and sound, besides its mere price comparison with 7-string, Fixed bridge guitars manufactured in Indonesia, which forms the competition here.

A Closer Look at Hand Size and Comfort

The Aaron Marshall AM-7 reflects balanced construction, taking into consideration its neck profile, scale size, fretboard radius, and nut width. This ensures the guitar is well-suited to musicians with various hand sizes. However, preference plays a pivotal role here, and the distinctness of each guitarist’s style demands a personal test run before a purchase.

Delving into Scale Length

Scale length is pivotal, influencing the overall playability and tone of the instrument. The AM-7 boasts a 26.5″ scale length, which, while close to the popular 25.50″ length, offers the advantage of tuning strings lower while maintaining low action without causing fret buzz, particularly beneficial for 7-string or classical guitars and those inclined towards lower tunings.

Examining the Neck Profile

The thickness and shape of the neck profile can significantly impact the feel and comfort of the guitar. The AM-7’s neck, with a C-type profile, popularly favored for its versatility and comfort, suits various hand sizes and playing speeds. With its thin constitution, it’s conducive to swift solos and is less obstructive, while its substantial mass provides a comfortable grip for chords.

Exploring the Fretboard Radius

The AM-7 sports a 16″ fretboard radius. This flattish radius is more conducive to soloing over chord playing, yet it does not restrict its capability to play chords. This fretboard is notably different from other brands and favors bending and sliding without losing sustain.

Assessing Playability

When matched against main competitors, the AM-7 demonstrates decent playability, reflecting ease in bending & vibrato, and is particularly commendable in solo playability. It, however, scores a bit lower in chord playability. So, depending on the musical inclination, it might appeal more to some than others.

Appraising the Tone and Sound Quality

In electric guitars, the tonality is primarily driven by the hardware, particularly the pickups. The Aaron Marshall AM-7, equipped with high-quality Schecter USA pickups, promises premium sound and eliminates the immediate need for an upgrade. Its HH configuration results in warmer tones, more output, and noise cancellation compared to single coils, making it suitable for various music genres.

Analyzing the Build Quality

The place of manufacture often influences the quality of the guitar. The AM-7 is produced in Indonesia, a country gaining repute for producing quality guitars at a lower price. Schecter’s renowned quality assurance promises a well-built instrument that isn’t compromised due to the lower production cost associated with the location.

Bridge, Tuners, and Nut Material

The AM-7 is installed with a Hipshot 7-String Fixed Bridge, locking tuners, and a Black Tusq XL nut. The fixed bridge increases sustain and simplifies string change, the locking tuners enhance tuning stability and facilitate quick string changes, and the high-quality nut material ensures stable intonation and tuning, resembling the sound produced by bone and ivory nuts but with more durability.

Neck Joint

The bolt-on neck joint of this guitar may have been looked down upon historically but is now well-acknowledged for providing sustain comparable to other neck joints. It’s economical and offers the advantage of easy neck swap or upgrade if required.

Summing Up: A Balanced Verdict

In conclusion, the Schecter Aaron Marshall AM-7 is a versatile and well-crafted instrument, with notable features and superior build quality. It caters to a wide range of musicians with its balanced construction, quality sound, and enhanced playability, offering numerous benefits in terms of scale length, neck profile, fretboard radius, and more.

However, its higher price point compared to its peers necessitates careful consideration of its additional features and individual preferences before purchase. For those who find its specifications align well with their needs and who value its added features and build quality, the extra bucks might well be worth it. Musicians who prioritize elements like solo playability, quality sound, and the versatility of the HH configuration might find the Schecter Aaron Marshall AM-7 a suitable choice, offering value that aligns with its price.